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Coping up with Depression… #SuperbloggerChallenge2018

Coping up with Depression…

Depression while coping up with hardships thrown by life is not pathological. Giving in to the bout of depression and forgetting yourself definitely calls for attention.  Nowadays we’re living in a stressful environment and with less social bonding it’s very easy to go into depression.

Is it an illness?? YES

Is it curable?? Definitely

Do I need medication?? Might be

Should I tell anyone?? Obviously

Psychiatrist!!! Am I mad??? Coping up with Depression Due to neglect, myth, and social stigma, a lot of curable mental illness is hidden. It doesn’t help in a lot of conditions it only makes the situation worst. So let’s talk about depression. Depression is just a state of mind in which a person feels low and hopeless.

Is the situation always that bad?? MAYBE!!

But let’s not let it take us under.

If you’re feeling depressed:


Go out. Meet friends or family. Have dinner/ lunch with loved ones. But don’t be alone. Being alone never helps in such a situation and makes you feel more lonely.

Do something!!

  • Do what you love the most. COOK, CLEAN, EMBROIDERY, BAKE, WORKOUT… anything that gives you some sense of purpose, do that.
  • Decorate your room.
  • Assemble your closet. Just do anything which will keep your mind occupied enough to distract you from foreboding and gloomy thoughts.
  • PARLOR and COOKING works for me (Believe me now I’m a way better cook than before)

Go for a movie:

The movie, live shows always helps since it distracts us from our situation a bit and at times gives us a new perspective towards life too.


Ahaa!!! Now you have a new reason to shop. Nothing is as uplifting as shopping. Trust me on that. It’s healthy to do binge shopping at times. So GO, GIRL!! indulge yourself a little.


At times some problems don’t need solutions but just a different outlook from our side. Try not to rethink situations you can’t change but just learn to ignore them enough that, they seize to affect you.


They’re considered as mood elevators so you could treat yourself. (Try CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE/ DEATH BY CHOCOLATE they’re worth it. forget the calories)

Comfort food:

They always help. Whatever makes you happy to eat that (next day you could hit the gym) a few cheat days in between dieting are healthy and uplifting.

Dress well:

Nothing can work better than a compliment or two. So make an extra effort, believe me, it’ll be worth it.


Talking to someone about the situation always helps. That’s what we have friends for. So talk to your BFF. Even if they won’t be able to help you with a solution but at times just talking helps.


  • Drinking/ drugs/ substance abuse etc. it might seem like they’re helping but such substances are addicting and instead of pulling you out they might land you in the worst situation than before. All these substances reduce our rational thinking and exaggerate emotions. Both of which are not better in depressive situations. So never drink to forget the pain.
  • Rash decisions. Any decision taken in such situations should never be implemented immediately. Always think over it and discuss it with friends or family.

It never hurts to visit a doctor So, no harm in visiting a Psychiatrist/ psychologist/ Psychotherapist. They’re professionally trained to treat and they’ll do their best to help you too.

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25 thoughts on “Coping up with Depression… #SuperbloggerChallenge2018”

  1. Wonderfully written… sharing so it reaches a wider audience. Every year, I write on Suicide Prevention Day… it is a topic close to my heart. These measures may seem small to some but to many it is the difference between life and death.

    1. Thanks, Ghazala. Most of the times lack of company is the root cause of Depression.

    1. Thanks, Aritra. I totally agree a positive company can do wonders for your mood and life.

  2. You have come out with a very descriptive article or blog. In this cut throat competitive world with few dependable persons around, pressure to perform and establish oneself is too much. One should have faith in that supreme lord and last but not the least life is all about moving ahead, and overcoming hurdles.

  3. I like the part where you say that we need a different outlook from our side. You are right you know sometimes something that appears disappointing could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.. We should always have a balance outlook and look at things in the correct perspective.

  4. Great post. I have seen depression and how it can harm people very closely.My father suffered it during his 40s and I as kids never understood why he was silent and unwilling to do anything. But he soon recovered. I now very well understand depression and how to come out of it.

  5. Hey nice blog. Seeking professional help from a doctor who specializes in treating depression is necessary. Book a doctor appointment online with your nearest psychiatrist who helps you in relieving the symptoms and can be of great assistance at the time of stress flare-ups.

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