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My Journey from Flabs to Abs-II

Initiation Phase

In this post, I’ll cover the first month of the gym where we’re enthusiastic, have great expectations from ourselves and even the gym. We all feel the entering the sanctuary of the gym would lead to weight loss even toning of body and hell lot of things which we dream of. Over the month of grueling in the gym, I realized that it’s a very very difficult and time-consuming task. It needs devotion, dedication and will power.

It has been a month since I’ve joined the Gym in my previous post I covered the Preparatory Phase. The difficulties I faced in the first month were enormous even Herculean. Let’s discuss the difficulties:

Taking out time

We’re so busy and comfortable in our own timetable that we’re not able to take out time for the gym. It was the most difficult part for me. I experimented on timings:

  • Before work
  • After work
  • On weekends

The best time I decided for me was early mornings so I’ve fixed my schedule for early morning gym 6-7 AM. After this decision came the second difficult task.

Getting up in the morning:

In our own busy life, we usually are not able to maintain the proper sleeping hours. Everyone has a lot of tasks, deadlines, targets presentations and much more. The only time we get to catch up with them is after work. Our bedtime is usually pushed till the Cinderella timings (12 AM)  which makes it very difficult to get up at 5-5: 30 AM.

Getting use to Gym:

After Gym the fatigue makes it difficult initially to finish daily chores, office work the aches and pains constantly remind us of the muscles and joints which we didn’t know existed in our body.

Believe me when I say after the first week of gym you won’t be able to walk without limping or wincing which would wane with the constant workout.


The pain would become your constant companion but the initial 1 week is the worst. Just bear the pain for a week and everything would become easier from there.

Now and then the joints would remind you of pain but it’s bearable or tolerable.

Is the effort worth it when nothing is going to change in a week of Gym “Definitely”

What not to expect in a month of the gym:

  • Losing weight (not yet)
  • Inch loss (keep working)
  • Euphoria of workout (you’ll get there)
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What would you gain in a month of Gym:

  • Stamina
  • Endurance
  • Habit-forming
  • Getting use to workout & weights


  • Don’t overdo
  • Keep it steady
  • Don’t over expect
  • Do not check weight for a month
  • Eat healthy
  • Don’t Give Up

Miles to go before we rest

Be healthy Be Happy.

3 thoughts on “My Journey from Flabs to Abs-II”

  1. Gymming is lots of patience and hard work indeed !No choice. No other way out. Grill it to get it.

  2. I remember my husband telling all these things when he started to work out…I still haven’t stepped into the gym yet..;)

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