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What Not to Do After Break-up? #MyFriendAlexa 2020

What not to do… Post 1

Break-up signifies an ending relationship. It could be a long affair, short involvement, engagement, marriage, and a lot more. Any kind of commitment when broken would leave a person in a deeply troubled phase in life called “the Break-up

How do we deal with a break-up?

Well!!! support, friends, distractions, get-togethers, seclusions different people have different coping strategies while getting over a broken relationship.

There are some sacred golden rules about the things one should never do after a break-up:

Never jump into another relationship immediately

While you’re getting over someone your brain needs time. The longer the relationship the longer it might take so never try and find someone else to fill the void.

Give yourself time to heal. Falling into other relationship immediately is at times the biggest mistake you could do after a break-up.

Seek help and support from friends. They would help you get through the difficult time.

Do not fall prey to drug abuse

Trying to drown your sorrows with drugs is the worst decision ever. It might seem like a good idea but you might end up paying a very high price for this decision emotionally, financially, and morally.  

Never Drunk Dial your Ex.

Avoid following or cyber stalking your ex

Never follow your ex’s social media profiles or ask your friends casually about them. You have to move ahead and not fall back in the cycle where you’re constantly looking at your past relationship, so just block them it’s easier to get over someone when you’ve no access to them.

You could add them later when you feel you’re over them.

Never compare yourself with your ex’s present GF

So it didn’t work out, you don’t have to berate yourself. You’re were not compatible that’s why you’re not together and you’ll find someone who is best for you too.

Be your own favorite person and move on.

Do not be vindictive and petty

Plotting revenge on your ex is the best way to be hooked on to the past. Let it go and get going.. a lot of better things are waiting for you in your life.

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Take care of your professional life

Never let your personal life spoil your professional life. You’re going through a bad phase you could open up to your supervisor or colleague if you feel like it. Start with a task in front of you then another and then another…. Soon you’ll get it all done.

Baby steps would get you through difficult time…  

Don’t become socially catatonic

You’ve to get up and go out. Cutting yourself from everyone is neither healthy nor right. Friends are there to help you and they will too if you’ll let them. So open up to your close friends, Your Soul-sisters, and be with them coz you need it.

Be your own first priority

You have a moral obligation towards yourself to take care of yourself. So do what you love.. travel, yoga, renovation of the house whatever keeps you happy. Be Happy, You deserve it.

Seek professional help if you feel you’re drowning, do not hesitate.

Don’t be friends with your ex.

Everything has a time and place, trying to be friends with your ex immediately after a break-up is not the right move. Why prolong your agony by being in constant contact with your past… move on or it might leave you in an “on again” “off again” kind of relationship which is totally toxic relationship.

Never hook up with your Ex.

Let the memories go

Never cling to painful memories by clinging on to the past. Throw away their favorite t-shirt or mug looking at it daily is not going to help you girl.

My Friend Alexa 2020 I’m doing a series on What not to do… be hooked on my blog for more.

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62 thoughts on “What Not to Do After Break-up? #MyFriendAlexa 2020”

  1. That’s a long list, never really thought about it. Hope someone who is going through a difficult phase reads this, it’ll surely help them come out of it.

  2. I was smiling while reading your post. Don’t get me wrong. Stalking, resorting to self-abuse, comparison, etc are most common after a breakup. ne must learn to let go and move on.

  3. Wow, never thought on these lines, a good post for those going thru a breakup. One needs a support at that time. All pointers are really well thought upon.

  4. Thanks for sharing the pointers. Very helpful for a person going through a breakup/ someone whose friend is going through one.

  5. Wow!! That is a really long list! Agree with everything except the dont be friends with your ex! I think only when there is closure you can move on. One has to forgive and forget, isn’t it?

  6. In current times, breaking up and changing partners soon is so common and acceptable making it imperative to understand and respect the choice and privacy of other. Such helpful tips

  7. Your list is absolutely perfect Richa.We tend to go through destructive cycles.Your tips are helpful to find a path.A clean break is the best.

  8. This lockdown was a way either people must have tried to get back into their old relationship or must have found out they don’t belong together… Must have been hard on so many, a good blog post for them to uplift their spirits…

  9. Nice post and all valid points. It’s better to move on and live your life on your own terms. This post would an apt on for the mental well being series. Thanks for sharing,

      1. Yes, absolutely. And today the time is such that mental health has been an utmost important aspect.

  10. Why do I feel like a granny reading this post? Haha…on a serious note, you covered the topic nicely and for those dealing with the situation, it is important to come out of the situation. And, then decades later read a similar post and chuckle!

  11. All the points you have mentioned are very valid ones. Drowning oneself in drugs or drink to drown your sorrow is a cardinal sin after a break up. It is bound to lead you down an abyss. And another important thing you mentioned is trying to be friends with your ex. That never works.

  12. Very Valid, it is very difficult to come back to real life once you have a break up. I have a friend who is suffering a lot, I am going to forward this.

  13. wow this is an interesting theme for alexa . loved the post and you had shared really great tips and list of things that one should not to do after break up. i agree many people start taking drugs or get into a depression mode due to break up. giving enough time to yourself is best way to recover from this kind of situations in life. great write up as usual.

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