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Explore History with Louvre Museum, Paris.

It’s the largest history and art museum in the world. It’s a three-story building extending to 72735 sqmt. of area. It was built in original Louvre Palace built by Philip II on the banks of river Seine its remnants are still present in the basement of the museum.

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Discover the Child Within: Disneyland Paris

Recently I got the opportunity to visit Paris on my Europe tour and I couldn't resist going to Disneyland Paris. No matter how old we are we could never pass on a chance to be the child again and believe me Visit Disneyland and rediscover your childhood.

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Castle Vajdahunyad- Budapest: The Dracula Castle.

I was always intrigued towards the stories of Count Dracula so when I got a chance to visit Castle Vajdahunyad or also known as Dracula castle I was ecstatic. We visited the castle during my end of Europe tour the day I had my flight back to India.