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Traveling Alone, A Huge Pariah!!

Traveling alone, A Huge Pariah!!!

Being a woman traveling alone could be difficult since the most difficult part is taking the first step out of your house. I know it’s unsafe but by taking few precautions you could enjoy traveling to its fullest even alone. I’ve been alone almost half of my life and it’s not always possible to find someone to accompany you on your journey. GOD FORBID!! but if you end up with a wrong company then your trip it totally spoiled.

I’ll give you few tips which I use while Traveling Alone:


Always research before leaving for your destination. You have to know beforehand few things about the place you plan to travel

  • Modes of transport
  • Accommodation
  • Places to visit
  • Eating Joints
  • Crimes/ notorious elements
  • Language
  • Weather conditions
  • Appropriate dressing
  • Currency


Set up a budget. It’s mandatory to have a budget set in your mind before traveling. It’ll help you avoid getting landed in unfortunate condition of having no money in your hand or cut short on your trip because of insufficient funds. Never carry all your money and IDs at same place divide it. Leave some money in hotel safe too in case of emergency.


Book few things in advance like

  • your hotel (obviously, after extensive study of reviews and locations) now a day’s technology has simplified the process a lot by developing sites like, Goibibo, Trivago, Airbnb etc. if you are unsure you can manage alone then book a package tour they’re always safer and cheaper option from reputed sites like Make my trip, yatra, Thomas cook etc. ALWAYS READ REVIEWS before booking from any site. Remember don’t ever compromise on your safety because of money. It’s preferable to stay in better and safe locality even if you have to spend slightly more for it.
  • Flight/ train/ bus/ cab anything you are taking for traveling remember to book it in advance. First of all, it’ll save money and it’ll save you time which you’ll spend in searching a place after reaching your destination. Always try and reach at daytime at the new place it’ll be safer.
  • Arrange for a pick up from hotel/ rent outs/ homestays if possible or book a radio taxi in advance to avoid the clutter of agents and rickshaw walas.
  • Keep few packets of Maggi/ready to eat meal/cup noodles in your luggage. Boiling water is always available in rented places or hotels so you can make it in case you missed a meal.


  • Make an itinerary to avoid chaos. This way you can cover most of the sites with an ample lot of time without regrets and rush. Don’t try and cover everything, it’s a holiday, not a homework just pick best out of best and enjoy.
  • Keep few things handy in your backpack. One ID proof, Driving license, money, scarf, Swiss knife/ nail cutter, sunscreen, umbrella, facewash, hand towel and wet whips, pepper spray/mace, cookies/ chocolates etc.
  • Once you have booked for stay and transport, the major part of your trip is planned. From there you will get the general idea of expenses and your budget.
  • If you’ve planned to leave for late night outings then book your ride back from the hotel in advance. It’s safer that way.
  • Always keep adequate charging and funds on your phone. Pay telephone bills in advance to avoid discontinuation or disruption in your network. Keep sufficient data balance on your phone so that your search options are open, police/helpline numbers on your phone and your close ones updated about your plans. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • If you think someone is bothering you then try polite refusal first if it persists then be loud enough to draw another people’s attention. Your gender though your weaker point is your weapon too. Public attention almost always dissuades nuisance makers.
  • Travel light. Since you have to bear most of your luggage alone try and keep it to the minimum but adequate.

While I was traveling alone I kept regretting not bringing one or other things so after few mistakes I decided to make the list of things beforehand to make traveling easier. I hope my tips would help you make your journey easier and better.

Keep a lookout for my following blogs as I’ll post few tips for Car Care.

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