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Wrooom Wroom.. Get Set Go… #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #Instacuppa

Wrooom Wroom… Get Set Go…

I love traveling, exploring new places, enjoying the scenic views, varied heritage and customs they all are exhilarating to me. I’m one of that woman who runs off on weekends with my car,  phone, and wrooom wroom… get set go…Though I travel alone, I do take precautions to make my drive and journey safe. My car is my pride and in many cases my savior too. So I keep it tuned so that it keeps me comfortable. In this article, I’d like to share few driving checkpoints which I definitely do before starting my journey.

I may travel alone a lot but I’m cautious.


  • Check for air pressure in tires even in Stepney.
  • Put tubeless tire in your car because they could run few miles by re-inflating them even after a flat tire.
  • Invest in the battery operated pump, it operates on a car battery in charging port and it inflated the tires. They’re not very costly but they are a lifesaver in dire situations. You can always order online many are available on Amazon.
  • LEARN TO CHANGE TIRES. It’s a must.


  • Keep a tab on petrol. Always start your travel with a full tank. It saves you from lots of unwanted stops in shady parts of the city.
  • Check oil levels every 8000-10000 km. it keeps the car engine from getting heated up even after long travel.

Windshield wiper:

  • Keep the water in windshield wiper compartment always. Fill it before embarking on a journey.
  • Change wipers regularly. Visibility is a must an ill-functioning wiper could make your journey difficult. Specks of dirt or stains on windshield scatter light and cause glare. A clean windshield is a must, always start your journey with a clean car.

Few things to buy for the car which are must:

  • Mobile charger
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Mobile holder
  • Empty bottle (for petrol)
  • Air pump
  • Battery cable
  • Flashlight

Head light:

  • Keep spare bulb in your car.
  • Install fog lights.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Never break traffic rules.
  • Don’t jump traffic lights.
  • Maintain speed limits.

Always remember that during a journey since you travel alone it’s more difficult for you to get a roadside repair done to your car. So be regular in-car servicing and maintenance.

Emergency situations:

  • If someone tries to stop your car on some secluded road. Be it a PCR or NHAI “NEVER STOP YOUR CAR”. Always stop in a controlled environment where you have plenty vehicles or crowd in case you need help.
  • Always keep rod of the jack (screw) within your reach. It may aid you in breaking glass in case of fire or if you are trapped or when someone is threatening you.
  • Always be vigilant, if some suspicious person is following you or you feel threatened by any means dial 911/ 1091. Send location on WhatsApp.
  • Put blinkers on, flash head light, honk, wave and draw attention to your car from any vehicle to get help.


  • Always study your route in advance so that you know the traffic, time of travel, regions you’ll cross and be prepared accordingly.
  • Invest in a navigation system or connect your phone to the car by Bluetooth so that you could make calls or search online in case you are unsure of the route.
  • Keep numbers of on-road assistance in case of car break.
  • You should know about good restaurants, hotels, petrol pumps & service centers in your route.
  • Never take your car to roadside mechanics. They might be very good but they’re usually littered with an unruly crowd.
  • Always try to drive in daylight if you’re traveling alone. If the journey is long then set up breakpoints by pre-planning it and book a good place to stay. NEVER COMPROMISE ON YOUR SAFETY FOR SAVING FEW BUCKS it’s not worth it.

Keep in the car always:

  • A change of clothes/t-shirt etc.
  • Something to eat like biscuits, crackers, chips.
  • Blanket/ bed sheet.
  • Water
  • Some cash/ change
  • Pen/ paper
  • Foldable bag/ backpack.
  • Disposable plate/glass/spoon
  • Thermos (I have a multi-purpose thermos which has a detachable infusion chamber it could be used for tea/ coffee/ detox water and basic thermos too. Click here )1_dbed4bbc-893d-4da5-b26e-46c0843e0eae_large

The best part is that it’s sturdy enough to withstand travel & keep the temperature of contents well-regulated.




Put your sun-goggles on, take your map, fully charged mobile with internet data, car keys and you are almost ready to face anything… Ciao!!.

I hope these points would help you out on your next travel alone.

Drive safe & Bon Voyage.


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27 thoughts on “Wrooom Wroom.. Get Set Go… #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #Instacuppa”

  1. I loved the idea of battery operated pump,Instacuppa thermostat and having a rod handy.Some exvellent tips.#SuperBloggerChallenge2018 Thank you for writing with us .

  2. While travelling I always carry water. And now with #Instacuppa it is easier to carry infused water too. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

    1. Thanks Aritra, i hope my post helped you and make your next journey enjoyable and safe.

  3. Hi Dr. Richa! This is such an informative post. I have saved the link for future reference. I love to travel as well but driving a car on my own still remains a dream. I do plan to learn car driving and get on the roads this year. Like the way you included Instacuppa as one of the travel essentials. Great post! Kudos 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tina. I hope my blog inspired you to learn driving. cya soon on the road.

    1. Mann, it has helped me a lot of times so, I made this list after more than 10 years of driving alone 😉

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