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Internet Addiction, Deadliest of all #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Internet Addiction, Deadliest of all…

We’re in the era which is evolving very fast. Everyone has to change accordingly who so ever is not willing to adapt is left behind. Internet connecting us to everyone but it’s breaking the social bonds around us too.

Are we suffering from internet addiction?

We socialize on social media but are we social enough in the real world?

The Internet is a necessity but there’s a very fine line between need and addiction. We might not even realize when we crossed it. I am no different from others, I’m writing on my laptop and trying to reach across the world by my blog is proof enough that I’m also in the murky water. Before playing the ‘blame game’ I’d like to emphasize that like every good thing internet also have some bad parts. I’m not here to point out the bad parts but how to keep our selves grounded enough that we don’t fall off the wagon.

Point of embracing technology is to be aware enough that it helps us out in changes but doesn’t change us. While keeping that in our minds, I’ll give you few pointers that are might be helpful. I’m not the ideal person so I’ll just share what I do to avoid becoming too much dependent on the internet (and that doesn’t mean that I ask paan-waalas about the route I too use google maps).

What should we do??:


After an exhausting day in the office or in front of laptops/ computer/ phones or tabs takes half an hour just to be in a nearby park/garden. You could walk the dog/ go to local grocers or just roam around on your balcony. In your busy schedule try to find some time without technology just for yourself. SIT WITH YOUR PARENTS/ SPOUSE/ RELATIVES:

Just take out some time to peacefully sit and talk with the spouse or your kid over a cup of coffee/tea. At times conversations rather than updates should take place in your life. Even if you missed some updates on social media they’ll still be on your page and they can wait.


Applications of phones are a really good alternative to everything but at times old-school newspaper/books are worth it. So do try to make sometime even if you have to read it in your washroom. They are a better alternative to a phone. (phone might even get spoiled by water) KEEP NON-IMPORTANT NOTIFICATIONS IN SILENT MODE:

Half of the pop-up notifications are not useful, so turn off the non-important notifications on phones/tab. It’ll save you from useless head turnings because of your phone.


Though many unwanted calls still come after DND activation it still filters many calls. This way your time spent on spam calls is cut short.


Develop kitchen garden/ quilting/ baking/ candle making… anything you wanted to do. Take time out for it at least once in a week.


Spend time relaxing away from social media. Get a massage/ do yoga/meditate/ go for jogging/ sleep if you want to. Just do anything which you find relaxing. (I am counting pedicure and manicure too in it for relaxation… lol)


Weekends should be emergency calls/work only. Try and live out of the virtual world on weekends so that you could enjoy your life too. Weekends are the much-needed break which should be utilized well so, try to be off the gadgets on weekends. Overall my advice is that Internet is a much-needed commodity, let’s not exploit it by overdoing things and our life would be much easier than we realize.


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10 thoughts on “Internet Addiction, Deadliest of all #SuperBloggerChallenge2018”

  1. Nicely written. Basically we can unwind using many other things than internet. It can be a serious addiction which can lead to depression in severe cases. #InstaCuppa #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

  2. Really the internet is becoming deadly , gud points u have consolidated to rejuvenate ourself

  3. You are right. Most of us in addition to using the internet in the office sit with our laptops at home too. It definitely has an addictive influence of which we have to be very aware. You have given some very valid tips. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

  4. So aptly said.. we have become a slave to these notifications so much that we wake up with it and go to sleep with it.
    Going to vacations where the mobile network is poor also helps.

  5. A thought provoking post. I think we must do internet fasting some day.
    Ms Arora
    Do visit my blog and share your views.

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