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5 Things You can’t Live Without!!! #SuperBloggerChallenge2018.

5 THINGS YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT !!! #Superbloggerchallenge2018

When I thought of writing on 5 things you can’t live without thought OMG!!!!

How could I possibly fit my important things in just a list of 5?

But when I mulled over the fact I decided few things even if lost I can manage, so I made my list corrected and re-corrected & then finally I came up with five things. I bet few would be on your top 5 too. I realized that many things which I’m holding too close are not the ones in my list which brings me to my original thought that not everything we need is a necessity for us.

So here’s my list 5 things you can’t live without:


I know some people would find it strange but let me explain. I’m not fond of tea at all and once in a month, I get the craving for coffee. I’d happily state that my poison is chilled water. It’s an unbeatable top competitor on my list. “BY GOD PANI KI PYAAS TO SIRF PANI HI BUJHA SAKTA HAI”. Nothing can beat a glass of chilled water in summers of Delhi.


I know you might consider me cheating since I’m combining 2 important things in one point but still phone without internet doesn’t make any sense, neither does vice versa so both complement each other and has to be written together. It’s difficult to live without the phone since they are an integral part of us, we start our day by going through notifications of different applications or talking to our loved ones. Even while traveling navigation by google maps is priceless. So when someone wrote the lines “my love for you insatiable” I think even he had phones in his mind.

  • CAR:

I can’t imagine my life without my car. My car signifies freedom to me. Freedom to go anywhere, be with anyone, do anything. All these are made possible for me because of my car. So my car is my pride. In the city, a car comes in basic requirements since commuting is a big hassle and we can’t always rely on others to drop us. So definitely my car is a necessity.

  • MAID:

Believe me!!! jokes apart, I can’t live without her. She’s the lifeline of the house, it’s utter chaos if there’s no maid to help you out in-house. Most of us are working women, and it’s too much to be able to manage everything without help. So to get peaceful life for me Maid is a must.

  • Last but not the least is my PILLOW.

My huggie pillow is a comfort I long for whole day and the moment my head hits the pillow OH MY!!!!, it’s a relief that I feel and my body relaxes completely. My pillow is just the perfect blend firmness and softness. It’s made for me. Match made in heaven, it takes me to heaven too. It gives me comfort, listens to me, is always there for me, what more could I possibly ask for.

Though my list is erratic and weird it’s truly what I need in my life to run smoothly if anything out of these 5 is missing my life is definitely impossible to live. So the question is do u want to LIVE, LIFE without these things because you won’t be living life but just surviving in life.

So take few minutes and ponder on your 5 poison and like my post if you have something in common with my top 5.


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29 thoughts on “5 Things You can’t Live Without!!! #SuperBloggerChallenge2018.”

  1. Ha Ha ha. This hold true for me but not completely. I don’t use pillow and don’t have car as of now. And for the first point, a big thumbs up 🙂

  2. Great list, and I share most of the things with you, especially here in USA, life without maid has made my life really difficult at so many level (ha ha(, and yes! internet and phone is another thing that becomes one of the most important thing in life. enjoyed reading post. #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  3. Lovely! You did a lot of thinking and came out nicely. Maid is surely there in my list. ? and on those hot loo days chilled water is like Amrit.

    1. Thanks, Aritra. I’m still off caffeine addiction else it’d have made to the top of my list too.

  4. Hey webmaster
    When you write some blogs and share with us,that is a hard work for you but share makes you happly right?
    yes I am a blogger too.
    good luck and cheers!

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