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List Making? Does it help???

I'm an avid list maker. Sometimes I think I'm a pathological list maker. But is it bad? I don't know I've not heard that someone died by making list, on the contrary, I might have thousands of examples where list-making helped people. So I’m in pro-list making group.

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How to do Quick Work-Makeup??

I’m a working woman, in morning it’s very difficult to take out time to do proper work makeup since a million things are just waiting to be finished up. Your mind is full of making itinerary of another thousand chores on top of that work issues…. PHEW!!! I’ll just give you few tips so that you could be ready in few minutes.

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Do Our Juvenile Laws need Amendment?? #Superbloggerschallenge2018.

The criminals are not scared enough since they get away with the crime of rape easily. They're well aware of loopholes in the system and they misuse it to their benefit. We should reform laws which should be more victim-friendly. When our law system was made child molestations might not even be thought of. In past decade these issues are emerging in accelerated number. It’s an epidemic which should be crushed at its rising else it’ll drown the country. The cry and outrage by society should be heard. Our law system needs amendments. Especially juvenile laws

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Comfort Food? What is it?

What is comfort food? Is it related to comfortable cooking? Does It help mentally? Is it healthy? We’ve lots and lots of questions regarding comfort food. It’s still the ultimate solution to all problems at least for the time when we are consuming it.

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Basic Skills that every Woman should know. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

There are many things which we do independently and it saves our useful time and hard earned money too. To be independent means more than living alone, it means you rely on yourself for taking important decisions, face the adversities thrown your way and most importantly you don’t fold over while being battered by life. Who doesn’t want to be independent? Let’s start with basic few skills that you should master.