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SOUL SISTERS. Why should we have BFFs????


Why should we have BFFs??


Don’t we all have friends/Soul Sisters?

What we definitely need is that one Best Friend Forever (BFF)/ Soul Sisters who are a partner in crime, who’s there for you when you are in need.

Do we need Best Friend Forever???

Certainly!!! I want BFF just like air. If I call them at 2:00 AM in the night there reply would be “where should we come to bury the body?”. Soul Sisters

This kind of friendship is built on the number of hours you spend together?

No, it’s based on something much more important than time, the SOULS  you share together. It’s the bonding, love, and trust we have in one another that makes us BFF. They won’t shy down and state that “you look amazing” when they should be telling me “you look shitty, now let’s do something to make you look better”.

Why do we need them when we have a family?

Because though BFF is not your blood but they understand you better than your family at times. They don’t judge you, change you or mislead you. They’re just there for you.

Aren’t pets loyal too?

Yes, but you can’t take them for movies, pajama parties, shopping or late night calls. We need them for something more than loyalty.

I have more than 500 Facebook followers!!!!

Seriously!!! Even I get 50 messages on Diwali from shops and malls they don’t count as my friends or BFF. BFF is without motive, they love you unconditionally and irrevocably. In short, some bonds are made on Earth, we make them ourselves and they make our life just like heaven.

Why do we need BFFs?

  • to help you out in troubled times:

They are there for you and pull you out of troublesome and problematic situations.

BFFs are the reality check for us even when we’re in denial about the situation and help you make better decisions since they don’t sugar coat the truth.

Friends could help you Solve your problems or be a shoulder to cry on when problems are unsolvable.

  • As a comfort:

They’re like comfortable blankets in chilly winters. They protect you and keeps you safe from everything bad.

  • Acceptance:

They accept us no matter how we are. Even if we are ugly, bad past, different family background, different religion, culture or habits. They don’t mind that at all they just accept us for who we are.

  • Keeps loneliness away:

They are always there or just a phone call away from us so no matter how alone we are they don’t let us be lonely ever.

  • Unconditional love:

The love and affection between friends are priceless. The love BFFs share doesn’t come with conditions and monetary values. It’s freely given and shared.

  • Adventure and fun times together:

No adventure, tour or holidays are good until unless we have someone to share the good times with. They make every moment worth it. Surviving in life is easy but living life is thousand times more enjoyable with friends.

  • Listens to you:

They listen to you. When everyone else is advising you, our friends just sits and listens. At times we just need to be heard. We don’t need solutions just someone to hear us out, it reduces the burden just by sharing the thoughts. You could just sit and rant about your Ex, In-laws or boss and unload all the tension, it’s an ultimate STRESS BUSTER.

  • Encourages and support you:

In our lowest time, they support us and encourage us to find our hidden talent and will to persevere.

  • Share a secret:

Few things could only be shared between friends and they literally take it to their grave. That’s trust between BFFs.   BFFs are Soul Sisters from different Mothers. If you don’t have one you are missing something very important in your life.

Make friends, Find friends and Be friends.

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  1. NYC n very true saying for BFF ….I admire The content n fully agree …. Those are lucky gye having BFF in their lives.

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