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Do Our Juvenile Laws need Amendment?? #Superbloggerschallenge2018.

Do Our juvenile laws need amendment?? #Superbloggerschallenge2018.


Excessive cries are my mode of communication

Crying is the only sound I can make

I don’t understand what they’re asking

I hurt… and I’m 6 months old

She was 6 months old baby girl…

Juvenile Laws

We are developing and progressing but where??

Is law system at fault?

Or government’s at fault?

Is something wrong in our society?

Rapes, molestations, sexual harassment, eve teasing has become an epidemic which is rising and infecting youth of our generation in past decade.

Is it because of exposure to western culture or gadgets? We would not go into that for now.

Everyone who’s a parent or would become a parent are showing their outrage to make their child safe. It’s not too much to ask for… from our government. In this country where half of the deities are females such disregard of our gender is shameful. We fight for cows and our daughters are being raped. Wake up India!!!


So what should we do about it?

The criminals are not scared enough since they get away with the crime of rape easily. They’re well aware of loopholes in the system and they misuse it to their benefit. We should reform laws which should be more victim-friendly. When our law system was made child molestations might not even be thought of. In past decade these issues are emerging in accelerated number. It’s an epidemic which should be crushed at its rising else it’ll drown the country. The cry and outrage by society should be heard. Our law system needs amendments. Especially juvenile laws.

In my view:

  • Any sexual intent/ rape from any age group should be tried as an adult they should not get any age or juvenile benefits.
  • Harsher punishments for rape. (7 years imprisonment for someone aged 15 or 18 years, he’ll be out at age of 22-25 years and might commit it again)
  • Life imprisonment or death penalty should be implemented on child molestation or sexual intent/ rape towards a child.
  • Human rights personnel shouldn’t be allowed to interfere in the judiciary system.


As a parent can we do something?

Obviously!!! every teaching, every development starts from home

  • Teach your son to respect women.
  • Teach your daughter to learn to defend herself.
  • Everyone should respect and regard the laws to become a good law-abiding citizen.
  • Sex education is a must.
  • Every child irrespective of gender and age should be made aware to tell parents if someone touches them inappropriately.
  • Give them PASSWORD which should only be told by the person picking them to avoid strangers or at times relatives to take advantage of your unavailability.
  • Self-defense training should start at a young age make them pick anything like karate, Tai-kondo, etc.
  • Don’t overlook small teasing they might progress to full-blown assault.
  • Contact authorities when you feel threatened don’t wait because there’s a very small window of opportunity when you can make a difference in your outcome.
  • Don’t lose your cool.
  • Keep women helpline (1091/1098)/ police (100) numbers on speed dials.
  • Keep a check on the change in the behavior of child they might be early signs of abuse.
  • Don’t be a victim and teach your child the same.

There is no limit to things I want to do when I’ll be a mother but I can’t keep them in a cage. Authorities are there to help us so let them help you when you feel threatened.


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10 thoughts on “Do Our Juvenile Laws need Amendment?? #Superbloggerschallenge2018.”

  1. So true. My blood boils when I read new about heinous crimes against women and little girls daily and still the accused roam freely as our Govt doesn’t do anything for our safety. Our country is beating its own low everyday. Sadly!!! Read my this week’s post on the same line. #superbloggerchallenge #instacuppa

  2. Absolutely agreed on the difficult situation currently prevailing in the society. However, I don’t think that just a few steps by parents can take care of the problem.
    A lot of the problem seems to be stemming from a multitude of reasons that the society is harboring ranging from too much population to a lot of frustration. Many other reasons can also pave the way to such inhumanistic behaviors.
    Anyhow, as a social being it’s our duty to seek solutions to these problems and this blog attempt is in the right direction regarding that perspective towards finding a cure.
    I hope others reel in and discuss for finer solutions to this emerging menace.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for next blogs!!

  3. Only yes means yes!

    We definitely need stricter widely publicised and quickly implemented laws. Well written Richa. Lets do our bit to start the change


  4. Thanks for reading my post Namratha. our voice matters and we’re the change we need in society.

  5. Absolutely! This is the need of the hour. We need a lot of amends in the societal thought process and sex edixeduca is definitely important.

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