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How to do Quick Work-Makeup??

How to do Quick Work-Makeup??


I’m a working woman, in morning it’s very difficult to take out time to do proper work makeup since a million things are just waiting to be finished up. Your mind is full of making itinerary of another thousand chores on top of that work issues…. PHEW!!!

I’ll just give you few tips so that you could be ready in few minutes.

The daily routine of face caring would definitely make a lot of difference. We’ll get to that in my upcoming post but now let’s just get work on your face.

After bathing apply moisturizer/ sunscreen (oil/oil free according to your skin needs). In between deciding on clothes and things so that moisturizer would be absorbed in that time.

Work Makeup
  • Apply primer/BB Plus cream/compact:

A basic layer of primer gives you a clean slate to work your masterpiece on. So always apply primer or foundation based crème before starting your makeup. For more lasting results you could even put foundation but for fast makeup let’s keep it simple.

In offices, the foundation will give you too much of made up face to avoid it but you could do touch ups with a compact.

  • Eye makeup:

Kajal/Kohl is the lifeline of most makeups. Use an Eyeliner/Kajal to emphasize your eyes, followed by Kajal on the tear line, mascara towards the end. This is definitely a must. If you have time then always put a light neutral eyeshadow like plum or light brown since they blend well with Indian skin tones and doesn’t give us over made up kind of look. Save all your glittery darker tone makeup for evenings, since for day jobs they might be a bit of overkill.

Eye Makeup with Lip Contouring
  • Blush:

Never forget to apply blush on since it cuts out that flat look you get from the foundation. Don’t apply it too much since a slight bit of blusher gives a just appropriate look for your day job. Apply it on your cheekbones for color.

  • Lipstick:

Apply a bit of foundation on lips so that firstly original color of lipsticks comes out, secondly, it’ll be evenly colored. Use lip liner to contour your lips if you have time else just use any shade you prefer as work wear (don’t forget to carry it along).

Work Makeup
  • Perfume:

makeup Perfume
Eau De Parfum

Finishing touch to your make up routine is fragrance. Try citrus and flowery scents in daytime wear while slightly spicy and stronger fragrances for party or night wear. Every fragrance reacts differently to your skin. Before buying apply the selected fragrances on both forearms and then roam around do shopping, then towards the end smell it and compare you’ll know how long it lasts or feels on you.

Now you’re ready don’t forget to wear everything with a Smile and Be Confident.

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How to do Quick Work Makeup?
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