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List Making? Does it help???

List making? Does it help?


I’m an avid list maker. Sometimes I think I’m a pathological list maker. But is it bad?

I don’t know I’ve not heard that someone died by making list, on the contrary, I might have thousands of examples where list-making helped people.

So I’m in pro-list making group.

List Making
To-Do List

In this fast-paced life list making is a certain path which will lead you towards success. Since everyone is multi-tasking and trying to make ends meet we tend to forget things. They slip from our minds and we forget important work, which leads to frustration and at times fights too. So to avoid an unwanted slip of minds gets into list making. Jot it down the moment you remember it.

List Making Habit helps a lot in long run.

How did it help me?

  • Organization:

First of all, it helps me in organizing everything. I make the list of things like spices, cereals, pulses in my kitchen and pin it on my fridge.

I keep striking things that are getting finished or needs buying.

I follow this rule for all home utility things. Once a month I sit and make a new list. It’s tedious at the start of the month but with time it’ll come in your habit and you’ll never be out of stock or overstock things.

List Making
Shopping List
  • Time-saving:

It saves a lot of time when you’ve to wander cluelessly into a store or revisit the store because you forgot an important thing. Instead of just randomly doing things you could do it more economically and it’ll save you from many extra trips to market too.

On top of that once list is done you could categorize and organize your buying trip too.

  • Mental peace:

When you’ve things in your mind like I need milk, fuel for the car, picking up laundry etc. you’re clogging your mind with small tasks and that hinders the vast productivity potential of the mind. De-clog the mind and make list from short memory and believe me you’ll feel de-stressed and unburdened. Now you don’t have to pick things out of your memory but just read it from your list and your mind could work on different important productive issues.

Mental stress
Mental stress
  • The sense of achievement:

The moment you see tick marks and strike through on your list it gives you a positive feeling that you’ve accomplished one goal today now let’s move to next.

It’s a good driving force that gives you encouragement to achieve or prepare for next task or maybe next list…

How do I start??

  • Start small:

Always start with one-day goals and once you’re habitual to it then move on to monthly or quarterly achievements or tasks or requirements.

Slow and steady definitely wins the race.

  • Don’t overestimate:

You should never over judge your capacity and overburden yourself. List making is to help you and make your work easier not difficult. So categorize & prioritize your list. Highlight urgent works so that you finish them first.

Carry forward your pending list for next day. That way you’ll remember the undone task and take it further from there.

Set Goals
  • Keep done list:

Done lists are more encouraging than To-Do List so keep previous day’s done list too. It’ll provide adequate motivation and encouragement for you to finish the things.

I hope my post would motivate you to organize your life and incorporate the habit if list-making as a routine.

Live Life with a goal and work to Achieve it.

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List making, Does it Help
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8 thoughts on “List Making? Does it help???”

  1. I will reserve my comments here. Reason is because I am myself highly unorganised and the list is only in my head without making any priorities. I dont know if that is good or not, but that is how it is. 🙂

  2. I love lists!
    I make extensive ones and seem to have gotten better at making them. It especially helps me to keep track of my blog activities.

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