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How to Master Online Shopping???

How to master Online shopping???

With the fast paced life it’s really difficult to take out time for wandering in many shops and then picking out one top which you liked most out of all. Pheeew!!

That’s exhausting.

The solution is online shopping.Online Shopping

Online ShoppingIt’s tricky to completely master the technique for online shopping. But one step at a time and we’ll learn.

How should we do it?

What are the finer points we should keep in mind?

Which is the best site?

Is it reliable?

Should I fill my bank details?

How do I know products are good?

These would be the question which would pop up in your mind the moment online shopping word comes to your mind. Let me give you few starters tips to be a pro in online shopping.

How should start?

Start with measurements. It’s a must.


  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Hips

For clothes in both Inches/Cm.

Online Shopping

Keep sizes (length) of:

  • Your favorite chain.
  • Bracelet/Anklet
  • Watch Dial
  • Ring
  • Shoe in both UK/Euro
  • Bag size (work bag/sling bag/ handbag)

These all are required because sizes are mentioned but we don’t have a reference for it. Once we measure chain size or bag size then we could easily develop a mental picture of measurements mentioned with it. Different brands have different measurements and size so don’t buy clothes without checking sizes. Now let’s get on to sites.

Which sites should we trust?

A high index of suspicion is a must while shopping online.

Few renowned sites like:

  • Myntra
  • Jabong
  • Ajio
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • eBay

Could be easily trusted.

Is online shopping reliable??

Nothing is foolproof and totally reliable so If you’re trying a site for the first time then be cautious.

  • Firstly check “https” in site address it signifies the secured sites and information leak is less likely.
  • Check site credentials on
  • Read reviews of the site.
  • Don’t use pre-paid method first time opt for the cash-on-delivery option.
  • Don’t save your credit/debit card details on site.
  • Never give your ATM password/ CVV number/ Secure password/ OTP to anyone no one asks for it.
  • Use net banking it’s the safest method out of all pre-paid methods.
online shopping
online shopping

Should bank details be shared?

It’s better to make payments by “Net Banking” so try and do transactions by it. Net banking is secured because:

  • Net-banking id and password is secured
  • OTP is required which can only be found on your phone or email.
  • Transaction secured password is also present as an additional feature.

These features make it more secure than credit/debit cards.

Nowadays wallets like Paytm/ Airtel/ Phonepe which are secured and give additional discounts or deals with purchases. They should be used according to the best benefit or deal offered.

The mantra of online shopping and dealings is “NEVER SHARE YOUR BANK DETAILS OR PASSWORDS ONLINE”.

Online Banking
Online Banking

Which is the best site?

The best site is the one offering you best deal.

  • There’s should be no “display of loyalty” towards a site in online shopping.
  • Check one product on all sites and then pick out the site offering you best deal. There are random offers and flash deals which are present on sites keep a look out for them.
  • Download applications of sites you like on your phone for better access.
  • Always keep adding the items you like in your cart. If they survive for few days in your cart then they deserve to be bought. At times things look very tempting online but the items that survive a week in cart and nothing replaces it are usually worth it.

These are few starts up tips I’ll be back soon with more on online shopping. Keep reading and keep learning more.

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How to Master Online shopping? With the fast paced life it’s really difficult to take out time for wandering in many shops and then picking out one top which you liked most out of all. Pheeew!! That’s exhausting. The solution is online shopping.
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7 thoughts on “How to Master Online Shopping???”

  1. you have shared all the imp point. I also check review before buying from a new site. I know big sites have secured payment option but what I do is, I have a card with low balance that I use always for all online purchase.

    1. Thanks Sayeri,for going through my post. the points you’ve told are apt and great. would try them.

  2. You have shared some important points. I believe that this could be helpful for someone who never do online shopping

  3. How appropriate even for right now! Especially with everyone at home, we still have to buy different things. This is a good resource to help those who do not know how to shop online begin to shop and feel confident doing so. Great post!

  4. Online shopping is a big boon these days and yes, it takes a little time to master its nuances. We have to learn through trial and error especially with apparel. Some sites are just great and smooth with their transactions while others, not so much and that causes panic. So far my favorite has been Amazon – so well organized and have just about anything. But I must confess my favorite shopping is going off to the market and interacting with the vendors. 🙂 Great tips here, Richa!

  5. Great pointers. Agree with no “display of loyalty” towards one site… I have seen same product is priced differently on different sites. So the one that gives the best deal should be picked. Amazon is my go-to site for shopping, though I do use Flipkart as well.

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