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Perfume: An Olfactory Boon.

Perfume: An Olfactory Boon.

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This blistering heat, the glistening bodies covered with a sheen of sweat… summers are finally here. To beat the heat by staying glowing we’ve to indulge in many things like BB plus cream, Sunscreen, foundations with SPF. One of the most important parts of beauty routine for summers is smelling fresh which could be achieved by Perfumes.

I personally feel that “smelling nice” or “you smell good” is the best compliment you could ever get. Every fragrance is unique to a person since perfume reacts different to every person, so your fragrance is your own.

Which is the perfect fragrance for you?

The best way to find your favorite perfume is tedious in starting. We’ve to go through a whole shop full of perfumes, but after 3-4 perfumes, the olfactory senses are overwhelmed. So follow these tips.

Don’t smell more than 2-3 perfumes at a time

Use coffee beans to counter the smells

Find out your favorite family in perfume:

  • Floral/ fruity floral (rose/carnations/lavender/orange blossom)
  • Citrus/fresh (lemon/orange/lime fruit)
  • Spicy (star anise/ cinnamon/ patchouli)
  • Woody (sandalwood/Birchwood/cedar)
  • Oriental (vanilla/musk/nutmeg/coriander)

Once the genre is decided then it gets easier to find the best out of it. Don’t let one ingredient in perfume let you back out, the right mixture could make it best perfume.

How to select the perfect summery smell, perfume for you?

Try and find breezy floral or citrus fragrance it’ll be uplifting and light which will give you a fresh and floral feel to beat the heat. In summers woody or spicy perfumes gives heavy kind of feeling so it’s advisable to avoid such perfumes totally.

Before finalizing any perfume sprinkle it on your forearm and leave it on for few hours or keep the perfumed blotting paper in a bag for few hours then try it. The smell that’s left is the way perfume would smell on you. Those ways you could decide on the lasting effect and if you want to invest in it or not.

If you like one perfume then you could always search online for perfumes similar to the present one.

Basic knowledge of perfume.

The basic facts you should know about perfumes. It consists of:

  • Top notes
  • Medium notes
  • Base notes

Top notes: they last for 2-3 hours and they’re the initial fragrance you’ll get when you take first whiff of a perfume.

Medium notes: it lasts for 3-9 hours according to the quality of perfume and the activity your body is performing.

Base notes: they are the notes which are the most important ingredient of perfume and you could only smell it after the effects of the top and medium notes are gone. It lasts from 8-24 hours at times even weeks if it’s left in a handkerchief.

The second thing you should know about is the difference between:

Mist: it’s the particulate form which is water based and it’s supposed to settle down on your body for a subtle fragrance. It’s best used after bathing you spray it over and stand below it. It’ll settle down over you like a mist.

Deodorant: its spirit-based mild fragrance which is to be used directly on the body. It’s not long lasting, it only remains for 4-6 hours and at times even less if you’re involved in a vigorous activity.

EDT: Eau de toilette: it’s slightly diluted or milder form of perfume which has concentrated form of fragrance but it lasts slightly less than EDP. It could be used on clothes and it lasts for 6-8 hours. They usually lack the base note so they vanish faster.

(if you’re looking for a cheaper option then go for EDT)

EDP: Eau de Parfum: it’s perfume which has longevity and persists on body longer it lasts for around 12-18 hours. It’s slightly costly but it’s worth it. One bottle of perfume could last for 3 months. So it’s a good investment.

After this, you could decide what you need according to your requirements.

I hope this article would help you in choosing your best olfactory stimulant and you’re able to spend your summers smelling fresh as a daisy.

Happy summers to you.

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8 thoughts on “Perfume: An Olfactory Boon.”

  1. So up to mark post on perfume as I perfume lover I can’t agree more on this I am always fascinated to floral and fruity fragrance

  2. Even though I am a perfume person and my affair with perfumes goes back to a long time, yet I get confused while buying perfumes .Nice back to basics post ,Dr. Richa !

  3. That’s a good note to understand fragrances and select basis your choices. I personally rotate my choices so that I have all of it in my vanity box. Soothing mists are also my fav.

  4. This is really helpful! I am in a fix when I have to choose a perfume! I have a sensitive nose and trying different perfumes is a nightmare for me and my nose!

  5. PErfumes have always been a topic of research and a true lover of fragrances would be able to do justice. 🙂


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