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My BFFs Selfie Story.

My BFFs selfie story… #selfie

Everyone has BFFs with whom we share an irrevocable bond. So I’ve 3 BFFs and we’ve gone through the usual process of fights, love, bonding, anger at times misunderstandings to finally reach the final stage called BFFs.

When I captured this moment on my selfie camera I’m happy and relieved too because this moment is now forever captured in a literal sense. I can always revisit this memory by the picture.

This moment was clicked only because 4 of us took efforts to gather on this day to meet each other. We’re just a phone call away from each other but to physically be with each other happened after 7 years. Where Technology has dwindled few bonds ours grew exponentially.

  • Madhu stays in Delhi
  • Manisha stays in Raipur
  • Nalini stays in Amsterdam
  • I’ve recently returned from Uttarakhand

So we all had our stories and laughers with us which we wanted to share. We sat together in a café and it was like our college days once over.

We all were like total drama serial going on, we had tragedy, suspense, horror, breakup, laughter, jokes, gossip, companionship, love and friendship altogether.

I wouldn’t have missed that day for anything else in the world.

We shopped, brought gifts for each other. Fought over food bills, just like old times but this time it’s was opposite. Previously it use to be “who’ll pay the bills?” and now we fought over “I’ll pay the bill, my B’day was the closest

We listened and gave advise on MIL stories. 3 of us bought same heels from Bruno Manetti and the last one couldn’t find her size LOL!!!!

We were loud

We were giggly

It was like we were 20 again…

Best days on my Life…

It was made possible by my handy mobile phone. I’m so looking forward to Mobistar’s Phone which has attractive feature of a dual selfie camera with the capacity to capture 120 wide-angle-shot. In this selfie era, I’m going to try Mobistar at Flipkart. “Keeping my Finger’s Crossed”

By sharing this story here today our friendship has become eternal. Somehow even after we’ve gone, this story would still be stored somewhere in the pages of Google. Dedicated to my friends.

This is my BFFs selfie story.

If you want to know what BFFs mean to us please go through my post on Soul Sisters-Why should we have BFFs?

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3 thoughts on “My BFFs Selfie Story.”

  1. Ric absoutly loved it. U have nailed it. When one of us said that I have told in the hospital that my sister is coming instead of friend. I said any friendship which last for more then 7 years is blood relationship so dear we r not friends we r more then sister. Love u all

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