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How to Sun-proof your Complexion this Summer.

How to sun-proof your complexion this summer.

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Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who’s fairest of them all???

In this summer…

No one at all.

In this scorching heat, even 5 minutes could lead to a huge damage to your skin. Staying indoors could only help to a certain limit. What to do???

The mantra of staying fresh and glowing this summer is to cherish the skin.

Let’s get on with it.


It’s a lifesaver. No matter what never go in direct sunlight without sunscreen. It has been proved by numerous studies that indoor light too cause tanning so ample application of sunscreen to be done on exposed areas with reapplication every 4-6 hourly is mandatory. If excessive sweating occurs then clean the face with face wipes and reapply the sunscreen.

I’ve tried many sunscreens but since past 6-7 years, I’m stuck on Neutrogena Dry Touch sunscreen.

  • As the name suggested it’s dry touch so it doesn’t give the oily feel on the skin.
  • It’s rapidly absorbed.
  • It doesn’t have a whitening effect.
  • It’s available in 30 & 50 SPF crème and even in spray for in 30 SPF.
  • It doesn’t have any smell so it’s good for people who are allergic to strong fragrance.

It could be readily available at Nykaa, Big Basket, Amazon etc.

Exfoliate and Moisturize:

Regularly exfoliate the skin to shed the dead cells to keep the skin glowing. This should be followed by properly moisturizing the skin. Aloe Vera gel does wonders to the skin so you could always use it as your daily routine skin care regime.

Face pack:

Be regular in de-tanning face pack usage. Use De-tanning face pack as a routine once or twice a week. Or if you like organic products they make your own face pack

  • Soak green gram overnight and grind it
  • Add 2 tsp of Besan (powdered Bengal gram)
  • Add 2 tsp of Curd
  • Apply the paste on face for 10-15 minutes
  • Scrub off gently and wash with lukewarm water

Plenty of fluid intakes:

It’s an integral part of staying healthy to have at least 4-5 lt. of water or fluid intake/day, especially in this heat. Drink by measured bottles (1 lt./ ½ lt.) or thermos that way you could keep a track of intake too. (1 glass is 250ml)

It helps in a lot of ways:

  • For better functioning of kidneys
  • Avoid dehydration
  • Avoid sunstroke
  • Keeps skin glowing and healthy
  • Aids in weight loss

Caution: If you’re suffering from cardiac or renal disease implement caution and consult your doctor before following the tips.

You could consume fresh fruit juices or infusion water too it’s very healthy and helps in detoxification of body too.

Plenty of salad and fruit intake:

Summers are divine in sense of the variety of fruits and veggies available so we should over-indulge in salads with cucumbers, tomatoes, onion etc. or fruits like watermelon, melon, lychee etc. the content of water is high in fruits and salads so they help in maintaining hydration as well as turgor of skin.

Which in turn leads to healthy skin and body.

I hope my ideas were helpful. Like and share the post if you love it.

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