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How to Keep The Car Cool in Summers?

How to keep the car cool in summers????

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Oh, this heat!!!! the sauna therapy we’ve to endure because our car has heated up. How to cut the heat this summer?

The glasses on the cars act as a greenhouse and it retains the heat inside our car that’s why our cars are many degrees hot than the surrounding temperature. We should take care of few things to avoid heating up of our cars.

Search for a cool spot to park.

Even if you’ve to cover few extra meters try and park the car in shade. If possible under a tree or underground parking etc. without direct sunlight on the windshield, cars would remain cooler.

Buy window shades.

Window Shades
Courtesy Amazon

Cover up the windows by window shades. They’re available on almost every red light or at any car’s accessory shop. If you want slightly more lasting ones then shell out few extra money and buy car specific window covers they last longer and provide better sun protection in comparison to basic vacuum window covers. They’re readily available online on sites like Amazon.

Cover the steering.

Most of the car has leather covered steering or black colored steering which get extremely hot in sun-exposed cars. Cover the steering by a towel or handkerchief when you park. It keeps the steering a bit tolerable to touch when you return.

Cover the seats.

Leather Seats

Most cars have vinyl or leather seat covers which get excruciatingly hot in open parked cars. It’s better to cover the front seats with towel or bedsheet while leaving the cars. It lowers the temperature of the seat covers to a tolerable limit.

Protects from direct sun.

Don’t leave things like power bank, CDs, mobiles, pen drives etc. on dashboard or front seat to avoid heat/ sun damage. Keep them in car stow away compartment.

Keep the windowpane down.

While parking the car in sun leave the windowpane one finger down to keep the air circulating from inside or car. It protects the car from overheated interiors.

Invest in the solar-powered fan.

Solar Fan
courtesy Amazon.

These solar powered fans circulate the inner hot air with outer air when parked in direct sunlight. This way it protects the car from overheated interiors. It doesn’t work until it’s getting direct sunlight so it’s perfect for keeping the interiors cool.

These are the measures I use to keep my car from heating. I hope it’ll help you keep cool this summers. Happy Parking.

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