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How to Cope with the Loss??

How to cope with the loss???

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Loss of loved ones is devastating no one can quantify the feeling and emotions for the loss. It’s difficult to cope with the loss. It could be siblings, spouse, children or parents but it’ll always be painful and difficult. Different people react differently to loss. There’s no certain fixed duration of the reaction and emotions, but everyone goes through the stages.

Stages of Loss:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

How did I face the loss of a loved one?

Did I cope with my loss well?

Does knowing make it easier?

Coping with a loss is difficult for everyone no matter what the situation was.

Accept the Loss:

Everyone’s first reaction to loss is denial or disbelief so to cope with the loss we should, first of all, accept the loss. Even when our every emotion is amplified like shock, confusion, yearning, despair, guilt, or anger we should still face them all and persevere. There’s no fixed duration for acceptance but it’s certainly the first step.

Coping with loss
Accept the loss

Don’t keep the pain inside:

Don’t suppress the pain you’re feeling, let it out. You might just worsen the situation. Everyone is grieving so just let it out no one would judge you. Everyone needs everyone in the moment of loss.

Share what you’re feeling:

Talk to people who loved ones. Share your thought and memories. Remember good and bad times. You’ll get through it too but healing takes time to take one step at a time.

Nothing is the right thing to say to the ones feeling the loss. So just be genuine and abstain from mentioning fake things like “it’s for the good” or “things would get better” they’re the worst things to say.

Just being there counts.

coping with loss
Sharing thoughts

Stay away from people who are fake and non-compassionate:

Even though it’s difficult to avoid fake relatives but it better to surround yourself with people you love or are compassionate. Those who are grieving would understand and even be a good wordless company you crave for. Avoid people who are cruel enough to be non-understanding for you. Things like “why aren’t you still over it”  or “I get over everything in few weeks only” or “I’ve faced and conquered loss too” are very emotionless sentences which hurt a lot. Take your own time there’s no rush. Just make an effort to cope with the loss. Things would fall in its place just give yourself time to heal.

coping with loss
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Don’t harbor Guilt:

Feelings like “I couldn’t do better” or “I couldn’t even say bye” or “I couldn’t even meet them for the last time” it never helps.

It’s not your fault you’ve tried and given your best according to the circumstances. Don’t compound the loss with a feeling of guilt too. Your love would not be diminished if you missed the last goodbye or visitation. Just cherish the memories. Direct your energies in self-healing, not in self-induced and self-inflicted guilt. Don’t dwell on ifs or I wish, concentrate on “what to do now” and move forward.

coping with loss

Save things as a reminder of loved ones:

Although it’s painful now later on when you’re ready to save cherished things and photographs as a memory of your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be grand like a memorial but even small things like a favorite dress, pen, photograph, a locket anything which was their collected or cherished thing could be treasured and kept.

coping with loss

Get help:

If somehow you feel that things are not in your control anymore and you’re losing it. Please feel free to talk with counselors or join groups. It helps a lot when you see people in a similar situation and when they talk about how they’re coping with loss. It might seem like a big step to seek help but believe me it’s not.

It might look difficult but take one step at a time…

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16 thoughts on “How to Cope with the Loss??”

  1. this is what I felt when MY father expired and I am not willing to celebrate my sons 2nd birthday because on the first birthday dad was there. am i doing wrong?

    1. you’re not doing wrong at all but cherish the memories and make new ones too…so in time you’ll move forward too.

  2. That is so thoughtful post it is really not easy to cope with loss and the most imp thing is to share the pain totally agree with you.

  3. The best way to accept a loss is by accepting it. I have lost a few very close relations and i could overcome the depression phase only when I accepted the fact that they had left. Sad facts of life one has to face at some point in time.

  4. Acceptance, Adjustment and Alignment has worked best for me. I lost my only sibling, my sister Wanda when she was only 30 and when I had just given birth to my second child. Thank you for this post. It is so important to cope with loss in a positive, supporting way.

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