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Mysterious Haunted Weekend Trip to Bhangarh Fort.

Mysterious Haunted Weekend Trip to Bhangarh Fort.

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Bhangarh Fort has always been shrouded in haunted and suspicious tales, even though they’ve never been officially proved. So obviously we also planned a visit to Bhangarh Fort. There have 2 tales circulating around the ruins of Bhangarh Fort.

Bhangarh Fort

Story 1:

King Madho Singh wanted to build a palace so he took permission from an ascetic. He gave permission with a condition that the shadow of fort shouldn’t fall on his place of meditation. The king, later on, added additional floors to the fort to make it grand so the shadow of fort reached the Ascetic’s place and he cursed the place to fall into ruins.

Bhangarh Fort

Story 2 (more accepted one):

Princess Ratnawati was well known for her beauty but a local black magic worshipper wanted the princess so he tried to sell her an enchanted perfume. Princess suspected foul play and threw it on a boulder. Black magic backfired and the boulder crushed the priest in his dying breath he cursed the place that no one within the walls would ever be able to leave. A few days later Ajabgarh attacked Bhangarh and everyone died including the princess. Since then the haunted souls reside inside the Fort and wait for the princess to be reincarcerated and return to free them.

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When you reach Bhangarh the oppressing negative energy of that place is palpable I don’t know if the place is haunted or not but thought wandering alone in corridors gave me goosebumps. The architecture of palace just like other forts is marvelous. Forts in miraculously well preserved for its age: 16th century. The main gate of the fort is followed by market area well-preserved gardens and temples then the majestic fort starts from the inner inclined path and inner gate. The Fort is 4 story building and roofs of all the structures are missing as if someone has removed it precisely.

The temples in the compound don’t have statues. There are 4 temples in the Fort but only one temple of Lord Shiva has Shiva ling still inside.

Lord Shiva Temple

How to Reach Bhangarh Fort?

It’s equidistant from Alwar (90km) and Jaipur (87km) so you could reach there in either way. But combining it in a trip to Alwar then you could also visit:

  • Sariska tiger reserve
  • Sariska place
  • Jai Samandh
  • Bala Fort
  • Historical Museum of Alwar

By train: Ajmer Shatabdi till Alwar then hire a taxi.

By roadways: directly hire a taxi from N Delhi (300km) it’ll take around 5-6 hours to reach Bhangarh. It stays open from 6 am to 6 pm. After 6 pm no one is allowed inside the palace since it’s haunted. Best time to visit is Dec-Feb since temperature there is bearable then.

Places to stay:

There are many small hotels to stay in as a luxury heritage hotels we have:

  • Dandekar Fort Alwar
  • Kesroli Hill Fort Alwar of Neemrana
  • Sariska Palace Resort
  • Aravali Hotel, Alwar

Eateries and Dining:

Not many good places are present but few good places to eat are

  • Prem Pavitra Bhojnalaya.
  • Tija Snack corner (Ashok Circle).
  • Baba Thakur Das for Famous Milkcake of Alwar (Ashok Circle).


carry your own food while traveling to Bhangarh there are no eating places in Bhangarh Fort.

Have fun and enjoy the place and Happy Traveling…

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  1. I simply love stories about haunted places. Not sure I’d go to any of them – but the stories are intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This place really looks intersting thanks from providing all the info about this place.

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