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What to Wear in Paris?

What to wear in Paris?

Paris in summers in a good season to go. The temperature in Paris varies from comfortable 22 to slightly chilly 17 degrees so it’s just the right time to enjoy the pleasant weather and lovely Paris too in its full bloom.

PARIS ooh la la

So what should we wear?

It should be comfortable since a lot’s of traveling has to be done while enjoying Paris. There are no religious restrictions on clothing so it’s just to ideal place to enjoy it with dresses, skirts, shorts etc. since it’s a fashion capital of world dressing should be done carefully. Parisians don’t believe in comfortable fashionable clothing. So pack accordingly.

Summer dress
  • Sundresses in bright summery colors and pastels are very in.
  • Skirts or shorts with checks or stripes with whites.
  • Color-block dresses.
  • Leggings with off shoulder or cold shoulder tops.
  • Flowery or printed dresses/skirts.
  • Mix and match even experiment a little.
  • Summer jackets or denim jackets


Nothing is better than accessorizing the clothes it brings out the best of it. Accessorize but avoid loud accessories go for subtle but designer pieces.

  • Wide brim hats
  • Long chains or neck pieces.
  • Catchy earrings
  • Multi-layered bracelets
  • Belt
  • Designer watch
  • Scarfs or stoles


No matter what do not take uncomfortable high heels for outings. A lot of walking has to be done so if you’re planning to survive Paris then wear comfortable footwears, Blisters are so uncool and total mood spoiler.

Comfortable Footwear
  • Sneakers
  • Loafers
  • Flats
  • Shoes
  • Slip-on
  • Sandals
  • Floaters (there considered unfashionable)

Keep high heels for silent candlelight dinners or nightclubs. Or for the nights you’ve bare minimum walking planned.


What not to wear?:

  • Fashion over comfort
  • Uncomfortable clingy clothes
  • High heels for exploring
  • Loud jewelry
  • Flashy clothes
  • New non-broken-in shoes

I’m just providing the layout you could fill in with your own clothing. it’s respected in Paris to be appropriately dressed. After all, it is the Fashion Destination of World.

Ciao and Happy Journey.

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  1. I live by a couple of rules whan it comes to my wardrobe. Do I shine? Is it comfortable? Both have to be checked, no matter where I go. And I mean shine from my core so they see ME, not what I’m wearing. 😉

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