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Discover the Child Within: Disneyland Paris

Discover the child within: Disneyland Paris.

Euro-trip- 2

Recently I got the opportunity to visit Paris on my Europe tour and I couldn’t resist going to Disneyland Paris. No matter how old we are we could never pass on a chance to be the child again and believe me Visit Disneyland and rediscover your childhood.

It’s full of arrays of multicolored flowers and plants arranged in aesthetically soothing patterns. the cobbled up path gives a feeling as if you’re walking in a different era altogether.

Disneyland Paris

It’s a vast well-structured and categorized place the best part is you could decide what you want to visit according to your likings. It has:

  • Fantasyland
  • Adventure Island
  • Frontier land
  • Star wars tour and much more…
Disneyland Paris

How to get there?

You’ll find buses, metro, and taxis connectivity to Disneyland if you’re not staying in Disneyland Villages. There are amazing packages according to your requirement you could select it online. Pick and drop facility is also available.

Disneyland Paris
Sleeping Beauty Castle

How to get in?

There are packages on the entry tickets too. These are available online or at a counter. We just stayed for a day so we took single day ticket for both Disneyland and Walt Disney. It was for 79 €/PP it covers all the rides and games plus both Disneyland and Walt Disney visitation charges. Believe me!! it was more than enough to be covered in a day if you want to visit it more than once then they have 2-day tickets or weekly or yearly passes too. Many choices are present to fulfill your needs.

Fantasy Land
Carousel Ride

Get set go!!!

That’s what I did. I wanted to cover everything so I started ahead and ended up in fantasy land went to the castle of sleeping beauty, took a carousel ride, touched the magical pod tree. Saw Dumbo take a flight. It was magical indeed.

Eva & Wall E

From there we went to adventure land and covered frontier land together. We took cruise enjoyed the view went on a rollercoaster ride through the mines in a mountain. It was an adventure indeed.

Disneyland Paris
Buzz Lightyear

We could never miss Star Wars Tour, we kept it for the end. The ride of galaxy trooper in 3D was just the epic ending we needed. It was awesome. We screamed on top of our voice and plunged in waters flew through wars. It was a total adrenaline rush.

Disneyland Paris

We were totally bushed then we sat and saw the evening Parade of Disneyland. Everything was magical and it was like a walk down the memory lane, Re-visiting childhood.

Even when we wanted to go through everything we left half of the Disneyland unexplored which has given me a reason to return to it someday.

The amazing day it was. I was a child again.

Disneyland Paris

Visit Disneyland Paris and Discover the Child within.

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  1. I would love to visit a Disneyland park in any State at any time as I haven’t ever been able to go although Japan might be to expensive for us to get to I can add it to my Bucket List/ Wish List.

  2. I love visiting Disney World here in the US – I have not yet been to any of the locations outside of the states! I would love to go. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What an adventuresome read, like being there in Disneyland myself! Thank you for chronicling your trip and letting me join in the fun.

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