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Explore History with Louvre Museum, Paris.

Explore History with Louvre Museum, Paris.

Euro Trip-3 Musee du Louvre

Louvre Museum is the largest history and art museum in the world. It’s a three-storied majestic building extending to approx. 72735 sqmt. of area. It was built in original Louvre Palace built by Philip II on the banks of river Seine its remnants are still present in the basement of the museum.

Louvre Museum
Old Castle wall

It has collections from every era categorized into civilizations meticulously. We were not able to cover 1 floor in our one day trip so in the end we picked our favorite sections and proceeded further to go through them. I suppose you could dedicate a whole week to the museum and would have somethings unexplored still.

The architecture and designing of each section would be awe-inspiring.

Architecture of Museum

How to get to the Louvre Museum?

It’s well connected with metro, buses (hop off- hop on) or taxis. Though you’ll realize soon enough that in Paris it’s easier to travel in the metro or buses than taxis. Taxis are painfully expensive. The network of metro or buses is very good so you won’t feel the need of taking taxis at all.


My suggestion is to take a weekly travel pass from the airport itself then book online the tickets to places you want to visit else the queue would be tiring enough during the travel. Entry tickets are 15€ /PP

Hop on hop off buses are a good alternative to go through Paris since they take you to 12 destinations in a day which is more than enough for you to cover in a day. Lucky for us we get more of a day there sunrise in at 5:30 AM and sunsets at 10:30 PM which gives us 16 hours of daylight.

The Inverted Pyramid at Entrance

How to get in?

You could purchase tickets at the ticket counter or buy in advance online and proceed further. It’s your choice.

Go on Explore:

The starting is from the inverted pyramid. It’s like going through “The Vinci Code” literally.

My suggestion is don’t try and cover the whole of the museum since it’s too vast to be explored in a day. Take the brochure with a map of the museum and mark the places you want to visit. So that you don’t wander aimlessly and instead plan the tour.

I wanted to visit the Egyptian section, Monalisa definitely, Greek mythology section and believe me I was amazed by the collection and preserved statues, monuments even jewelry.

The view of Monalisa was a bit disappointing since the painting surrounding her were marvelous. They were so enormous that painting of Monalisa felt daunted in front of them.

The ceiling of the museum is full of cherubic angels and demons or depicting scenes of war or confluences. I could look at it the whole day.

Louvre is a masterpiece in itself which houses the masterpieces. That’s all I could say about it.

If you visit the Louvre museum through the entry into the shopping mall Carrousel de Louvre don’t forget to try Paul’s Bakery near the entrance. The freshly baked products would guide you directly to it. The croissant, ooh the strawberry tart. I could still taste it in my mouth.

Carrousel De Louvre

Louvre Museum is a must visit the place. Explore and enjoy getting lost in the passages of the museum, every passage would take you to a new era.

18 thoughts on “Explore History with Louvre Museum, Paris.”

  1. I don’t know. My family and I covered the Louvre in a day. Did we miss stuff? Sure, we did. But we scanned it all- and spent time where we wanted. The trick is to either follow an orthogonal route- or plan yours in advance.

  2. What beautiful photos! Hopefully I will also get the opportunity to visit one day!

  3. This looks grand. The pics have come out so well and you look so pretty there Richa. 🙂



  4. Looking at your pictures now I wish I had visited Louvre during my Euro trip. Loved the magnificent art work that has been displayed

  5. I have been to Paris last year, but the saddest thing happened with me. Louvre museum was closed since it was may day. I look at it as another chance to visit Paris. But actually I am very sad?
    This post is awesome, n gave me to an opportunity to experience what I missed.

  6. Such amazing pictures, you have made me write Paris in my bucket list! I am not a very museum type of a person, if you know what I mean but I would love to go to Louvre someday.

  7. This place really looks beautiful I hav been to Paris but not visited this museum feeling I missed something important. Will surely visit in my next visit to Paris .

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