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Gardens from Heaven: Versailles

Gardens from Heaven: Versailles


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You’d know you’re in heaven when you see lush green valleys filled with flowers and hedges. Fountains sprinkling water and music is flowing in the air. Statues of great size peering down at you and monuments of gold glittering in sun. You’re in Versailles.

Versailles is a small town located in the near vicinity of Paris. It’s famous for its palace and attached enormous musical gardens.

When we reached the palace it’s beauty took our breath away. Its architecture was amazing, we could just visualize the Palace so we were a bit disappointed since we thought the gardens are either closed or inaccessible but as we drew closer we could see the flowers from the arches made on the sides of the palace.

We rushed to the garden entry and they were beautiful beyond our belief. The multicolored array of flowers, well-kept hedges, and green gardens filled our vision. These were enhancing the huge sculptures depicting the kings and gods in their glory. These gardens were divided into 44 sections in which each garden had its own musical fountain. Music like Mozart, and Beethoven floated in the air, and the symphonies were complemented by musical fountains. These fountains rise and fall with the crescendos of music. It was a sight to behold.

How to get to Versailles?

Versailles is located on the outskirts of Paris so even though you might get a taxi it’s preferable to take the train which drops at the station. It’s just a few minutes walk to the Versailles Palace and Gardens.

Main Attraction:

The main place to go is the Musical Gardens but they only play in the morning from 10AM-12 PM and evening from 5:30-7: 30 PM. Although gardens are beautiful without the fountains and with fountains they’re much prettier.

Palace is magnificent and has all the restored rooms from the past with the monuments it’s worth visiting.


Our last day in Paris was spent in Versailles. The next destination is Zurich. Got to rush and have a train to catch from Gare de Lyon.. would be back with my next adventure in Europe soon.

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11 thoughts on “Gardens from Heaven: Versailles”

  1. Oh! The gardens are breathtakingly beautiful! Europe is there in my next five year plan 😀 I am bookmarking your post for research

  2. It is a popular place! I am also planning for an Europe tour so all your posts are must read for me 🙂
    You are looking pretty also

  3. It looks that you are having a great time. I will make it a point to visit next time I am there. 🙂


  4. Loooved seeing your day in Versailles. I was there YEARS ago on a school trip, but still remember it so clearly.

  5. I have visited Paris many times but I shamefully have to say never Versailles. It seems after reading this I must make it a priority. Also I always thought it was way more far out than it actually is!

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