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Epic train journey: Bernina express

Epic train journey: Bernina express

Euro Trip-7

During my euro trip, we went through the great Alps to reach Italy. The Epic journey was by Bernina Express. It was the best train journey I’ve ever commenced.

We started our journey from Chur in Switzerland to Tirano Italy.


The route is full of massively arched bridges, green lush valleys, and looming snowclad mountains in the background. The journey was so picturesque that we all were sticking on the window plane with our cameras in hand to capture every moment we can.

The Bernina Express took us from Chur to the heights of Glacier of Alp Grum then down to the wine yards of Tirano Italy. The journey was awesome.

Bernina Express
The great Alps

The express is a luxury travel in itself it’s a Chair car with ample foot space and the best part is the window which extends to the ceiling for a panoramic view of the landscape. Free Wi-Fi is an additional benefit and the vocal guide keeps you informed about the scenic beauty we’re passing by.

Bernina Express Interior

The train stops at Alp Grum to let you take pictures for 10 min rest of the halts are at stations that don’t give you time enough for clicks.

Alp Grum


  1. Chur
  2. Burgenland Domleschg
  3. Solis viaduct
  4. Landwasser viaduct
  5. Weisner viaduct
  6. Albula viaduct and Kehr Tunnels
  7. St Moritz
  8. Ospizio Bernina
  9. Alp Grum
  10. Valposchiavo
  11. Brusio circular viaduct
  12. Tirano

The journey is full of Bridges and tunnels which would make your ears pop. It has 55 tunnels and 196 bridges in total and the highest point is Ospizo Bernina which is 2253 mt. above sea level.

The beauty of the surroundings is so breathtaking that I don’t have words to explain it. Everything is so clear and clean. The green valleys are endless and the Alps are majestic indeed.

Black water Lake

The small town has its own charm. Endless farmlands and greenery is part and parcel of Bernina express in summers while in winters you’ll see snow-covered endless fields and mountains.

Green Water Lake

It’s a great way to see the Alps in both the weather.

If you ever plan to visit Europe Bernina express should be part of your travel it’s a must. Do prior online booking while planning the journey with Bernina Express swiss Rail.

Bernina Express

14 thoughts on “Epic train journey: Bernina express”

  1. Wow!! Such beautiful pictures and locations. Loved reading thru the details….keep sharing more such posts.

  2. Seems liks you had a train ride to remember. I am so glad that they had such massive see through windows making the journey and the view even more memorable!

  3. Wow thing! I was not aware of this until I came across the post. Definitely on my list during my travel. Loved the lush greens that you have captured. Inside of the train looks so stunning and clean!!

  4. This is simply amazing to see wonderful beauty of nature …you had such a great time and lovely pics!!

  5. Wow! This is one train journey I want to try. Loved the idea of a vocal guide. With such a scenic route, the train journey must have been mesmerizing.

  6. I have done this trip from Tirano to St.Moritz only, bit by car and train. Its so wonderful. Never had a chance to do it in winter, heard it would be full white snow carpet!
    Feom Chur to Tirano should have been a wonderful journey, hope you enjoyed the famous spiral bridge!

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