6 thoughts on “How to Handle Fraud Bank Transaction?”

  1. Such instances of banking fraud is becoming all too common in India. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi pushing for a less cash economy, it becomes all the more important to fix the problem of digital frauds. Our lives will only get more reliant on technology and tricksters will only come up with more innovative ways to steal our hard earned money. So, take the necessary precautions and do not give out your bank or credit card details to anyone who you do not trust and – we cannot stress this fact enough – inform the bank as soon you get to know of a wrongful transaction in your account.

  2. Recently, a friend’s bank account was fraudulently accessed and was wiped clean. 🙁
    Cyber frauds are on the rise and one must be truly vigilant and cautious.
    These are some great and valuable tips and pointers which one must follow in case of a fraud transaction. Thanks for this post, Richa!

  3. very big scam nowadays. Its great you shared your experience. It will be helpful for many.

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