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Heal the Skin with Face Masks

Heal The Skin with Face Masks.

As we’re hitting 35, we could feel the apparent signs of aging on our skin. It’s as if our skin is giving us clear signs of distress and is asking for help. It’s better not to ignore the signs and provide extra aid ie face mask.

  • Fine laugh lines are visible
  • Minute trauma would leave a mark which takes much longer to vanish
  • Hyperpigmented spots
  • Lax skin etc.

So we should use extra measures to provide proper care to our skin. We should regularly scrub moisturize the skin and use packs to aid the skin as a home beauty routine. In this post, I’m Thankful for few products that help me attain the care needed so, I’ll review face packs that I’m presently using and you could buy the best which suits you.

Face Mask
Face Mask

My skin is combination skin so any pack which is for oily skin makes it dry and vise-versa for dry skin so I’ve to be cautious while trying the products.

Khadi- Wrinkle Lift Face Mask.

Face Mask
Khadi- Wrinkle Lift Face Mask

I once read that khadi product are natural and very good for skin so I purchased it from Nyyka and used it for a few weeks. It has:

  • Kanyasar
  • Kumkum
  • Tulsi
  • Lotus


  • It’s in paste form.
  • Doesn’t need water to apply
  • Have to keep for 15 min only
  • Gives a clean and fair appearance after application
  • Completely natural
  • It’s cheap 90/-


  • It has a peculiar odor.
  • It contains just 50gm which is less than other products
  • The effect is short term so has to apply more frequently
  • It leaves skin slightly dry so is good for oily skin type.

Biotique- Bio Fruit

Face Mask
Biotique-Bio Fruits

I purchased this mask after returning from Goa coz I was really tanned. When I searched online this face mask was recommended for de-tanning. It was useful in improving the complexion but it was not exactly de-tanning face mask.


  • It’s made of botanical extracts, so is natural.
  • It’s in paste form so easy to apply
  • It’s not overly expensive 199/-
  • It gives a very fresh glowing appearance.
  • It’s good for any type of skin


  • It takes at least few weeks of usage before effects are visible.
  • It’s recommended for daily usage to have an effect.

Tip: if it’s used with wine it gives better results.

AngTatva- D-Tan Face Mask

Face Mask
AngTatva- D-Tan Face Mask

When the previous pack was taking time in action I jumped the guns and moved to another product to aid the de-tanning, So I found Angtatva. It’s a handmade product which is supplied online via its site AngTatva. It’s totally natural and has an amazing smell. It has very good results.

Its ingredients are:

  • Tomato powder
  • Lemon zest
  • Rice flour
  • Gram flour
  • Oatmeal powder
  • Aloe vera
  • Milk powder
  • Baking soda and many more herbs.


  • Very effective
  • Totally natural
  • Great fragrance


  • Comparatively costly
  • 75gm is for 545/-

Innisfree- Super Volcanic Clay Mask

Face Mask
InnisFree- Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

It’s a product I ordered on basis of its amazing reviews online and believe me I was not disappointed. It’s a Korean product available on Nyyka. It has Volcanic clay and thousand more ingredients.

It’s in a thick paste form which is applied and left for 20 min then scrubbed off the face. It also exfoliates the skin when removed which is an additional benefit. I found it totally amazing. It leaves the skin so supple and glowing. It’s worth every penny you spend on it.


  • Odorless
  • Thick paste
  • Glowing skin
  • Goes well with all skin type


  • Not completely natural, it has additional Zinc oxide, the capric triglyceride is an alcohol-based product.
  • Is costly 100gm is 1100/-.

I was not able to reach a decision but in my personal view, I did find the above-mentioned Face packs good after personal use. I’m Thankfull to these products.

Thanks, I hope you like my post.

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My opinions about the products are honest and the views are my own after personal use. They’re not influenced in any way and are true to best of my knowledge.

9 thoughts on “Heal the Skin with Face Masks”

  1. Finalise something, I am dealing with since my late 20s thank you for suggesting this great mask I so needed looking forward to trying other biotique and khadi mask

  2. This is a nice and informative post. I liked that for each product you have done an in-depth study and shared the pro and cons. I am sharing it with my other friends to whom this information will be helpful.

  3. I have used the Innisfree Super volcanic pore clay mask and I found it helped reduced pore size , greasiness and imperfections but the price was a deterrent .

  4. Good to know about these products . M quite fascinated with Angtatva and Innisfree product . Could you suggest the best for little dry skin amongst these you’ve listed?

  5. That’s a nice review. I didn’t know about angtatva and innisfree brand. Will check them out, but as you mentioned they will pinch the pocket.

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