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What to Visit in Vienna in 1 Day?


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Vienna is a very vast city and its sightseeing might take days but we only had one day so here Vienna Itinerary in 1 day.

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If you’re planning on a leisurely visit buy passes of hop-on-hop-off buses and local travel passes to make your commuting cheaper and purchase online tickets for places you want to explore to avoid the queue and long waits. Since we were doing superfast Vienna we didn’t have time to do it.

We reached Vienna early in the morning. We had our breakfast and left our luggage in the locker room and went out for our exploration of the city.

Schonbrunn Palace:

Gardens in Palace

We took the metro to visit our first stop at the Schonbrunn Palace and to explore the gardens of Vienna. The sight of Vienna gardens after Versailles was not disappointing the color schemes and green lush gardens with mazes it felt great exploring it.

At the end of the garden, we could the Poseidon holding the Trident high in the sky as if protecting you. It felt as if you’re in his shadow and you’ll feel humbled in his magnificent presence.

The palace itself is very beautiful and it’s preserved in its original state for visitors to appreciate the lifestyle and grandeur of the palace.

Schonbrunn Palace

We spent the first half of our day exploring both. Next stop Time Travel on the way we saw Karlskriche.


then we went to Belvedere Palace

Belvedere palace:

Belvedere Palace

It’s was indeed a beautifully constructed Palace with surrounding gardens.

Time travel:

Time Travel

It’s a great way to sit and relax and explore the history of Vienna. Its 4D shows are amazing though when we went the bunkers were closed due to technical faults but still we enjoyed it thoroughly.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral:

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The majestic church looming in the heart of the city is a sight to behold. It intricate work till the tip of the towers would keep you spellbound. The closer you go the more amazed you would be of the artwork on the stone walls.

St Stephen’s Cathedral

The vintage cars and the horse buggies awaiting its riders give you a vintage feel as if you’re in the 18th century. We spent some time in church then proceeded further to our last destination Prater.

Prater Amusement Park:

Prater Amusement Park

Well, I’m a sucker for amusement parks and this one is a total adrenaline rush. The rides are thrilling and scary at the same moment. They’ll take you on a journey in every humanly possible direction at the same time.

Your inner ear would beg you to let it gain the semblance of gravity for few minutes before proceeding to the next ride.

It’s a must-visit destination.

This is Vienna totally my way I know I missed a lot of good places on this trip but that’ll be my calling to return to this place someday sometime…

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

17 thoughts on “What to Visit in Vienna in 1 Day?”

  1. A Friend recently visited Vienna and she was spell bound by it’s natural beauty. Your post gave me the other aspect of the place and that is its monumnets and history.

  2. Vienna is such a beautiful place and I really loved the pics of the Schonbrunn Palace,The Belvedere Palace and the lovely St. Stephen’s Cathedral .I don’t think I will be able to squeeze it all in one day .

  3. Vienna is a place you cant miss during your foreign trip. The city has its own charm. Your pics are so good. Time Travel one sounds interesting

  4. How beautiful Vienna is, im unable to pronounce the 1st palace , but it looks so startling. Vienna is amazing place as it has a perfect blend of nature, art and history.

  5. Wow this is a great guide. I’ve always wanted to visit the city and if ever I get the chance, this is the guide I’ll be referring to.

  6. The ride looks adventurous and all the pics are beautifully captured. The blogpost is a complete guide to Vienna.

  7. Like you said, its a must visit destination and I will say every person has to visit Vienna at least once in his/her lifetime.

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