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Eternally Beautiful: Prague

Eternally Beautiful: Prague

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In my Europe tour, the city which I liked most was Prague or also known as Praha. We arrived there by Train from Vienna.

Vintage Car

Prague was one of the beautiful places I’ve ever visited, it was clean weather was amazingly pleasant and the city was full of architectural wonders.

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It’s so well made with Vltava River snaking its way in the city. Every building is a monument in itself. The beauty of sculptures and buildings are awe-inspiring. You’ll be able to see red roofs and green domes as far as you could.

Sculpture in Memory of Army Soldiers

We started our day with breakfast at the Prague café, with our full stomach we started our excursion on foot.

John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall

Heading towards the Charles bridge we made our way through the park. Reaching John Linen Wall. Freedom of thoughts had a different meaning on that wall. The art with a message is just at a perfect sync on that one wall.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Snaking our way through the stalls and music we made our way to Charles bridge which indeed is a work of art. It’s architecture and statues are so realistic and beautiful. We enjoyed the view from the bridge of the city and river.

View from Charles Bridge

Then made our way towards the Prague Castle.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

It’s a massive structure built in the 9th century and is still standing tall and majestic. The work on the castle is intricate and exquisite. You’ll feel as if you’re walking in a different era altogether while exploring the castle.

Armory Section

It has various exhibits too like armory, medicine etc. which would take you in the original preserved workshop of metallurgy or healer.

Metallurgy Section

You feel as if you’re witnessing history while wandering through the preserved ancient monuments.

View from Prague Castle

The shops in the castle are wonderful they’re full of gift items and souvenirs. The best part is they’re not overly expensive. Obviously, I purchased a few things too.

 Old Town Square & Astronomical Clock

Old Time Square

We headed towards the astronomical clock. Keep in mind it changes every few hours so keep a check on the clock while visiting.

Since we were done for the day we explored the market a little, enjoyed street food. Clicked pictures with amazing structures round the corner. Prague is indeed a travelers delight. When you think you’re done for the day it’ll surprise you with yet another beautiful sculpture.

Baby Sculpture in Garden

We returned at night with our feet tired of walking, finger tired of clicking pictures but the mind full of beautiful memories, Eternally Beautiful: Prague.

Off to Budapest for Flight

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