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How to Plan Economical EuroTrip

How to Plan an Economical EuroTrip.

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting Europe which was a total joy. My trip was for 10 days and during my stay there I realized that it could have been more economical if I’d have planned it better. So here are my tips for Economical EuroTrip.

Disneyland Paris
DO NOT Use Private Fancy Rides

Use public transport.

In Europe when you land buy passes according to the number of days. if your stay is for more than 3 days buy a weekly pass or else purchase daily passes. It saves a lot of money since transport is really costly.

Make use of Hop on Hop off buses if you just have one day to spare in the city.


Use :

  • Buses
  • Hop-on Hop-off buses
  • Metro
  • Trains


Easy to Carry food

Take ready to eat meals, snacks like Noodles (Maggi), Chips, Namkeen etc. from India only. Take sachets of coffee, tea bags, sugar cubes since hot water is available anywhere. Food is really costly in Europe so it’s better to eat a heavy breakfast so that you have the energy to roam around the whole day and carry sandwiches made at home for lunch.

Dinner could be enjoyed in a good restaurant if you want since you’ve saved money on whole day meal.

Carry water from the hotel. Water is expensive if you’ve to purchase it, it’s a necessity too.

Carry Drinking Water Always


If you’re traveling alone then book hostels. They’re very safe and provide good meals & facilities in Europe. If you’re a family or a group rent an apartment from AIR BNB, hotels stay though luxurious could cause a huge dent in your pocket, so it’s preferable to book homestays. These provide facility to cook meals too which is an additional benefit.


Basic Medicines

Carry medicines for anything you have or you might have. Get insurance. Healthcare in extremely costly and to certain limit unaffordable so it’s better to be insured and carry all that you might need from home.

  • Cold and flu
  • Fever
  • Loose Motions
  • Gastritis
  • Band-aid
  • Ointments- antibiotic, antifungal, pain relief gels
  • Painkillers
  • Motion sickness
  • Antibiotics

They’re a must. Rest you could modify according to the ailment you’re suffering from.


Carry your toiletries don’t rely on House supplies. They do supply basic things but it’s better to carry your own things than buy it in Europe.

own Toiletries


Pick up the Route Maps & Guides
  • Take maps of subways and buses route from the airport it’s free and easily available.
  • Keep in mind the destinations and plan in advance
  • Keep internet on mobile for google maps
  • Install google translator
  • Use free wi-fi which is available on buses, trains, airports and railway stations.
  • Do not litter or break traffic laws penalties are very high
  • Carry comfortable shoes preferably broken-in running shoes (else you might end up buying shoes).

That’s all from my side.

This will be my last post from EuroTrip Series from 10 days Europe Vacation which I recently took, and we traveled by trains which cut the expenses a lot. We have to travel again someday to cover the rest of Europe, this time our route was:

Paris– Zurich- Chur– Tirano- Milan- VeniceViennaPragueBudapest.

Happy Travelling.

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20 thoughts on “How to Plan Economical EuroTrip”

  1. Wonderful tips Richa. I have actually followed most of these. Airbnb was quite a revelation for us. We really loved it, of course it is economical but also gives u the opportunity to be a part of their life.

  2. Europe trip is a dream for me. I have a plan too but ya at the same time I have to think about the budget part as well. Your post is going to help me a lot. Specially travel and accommodation tips are so helpful.

  3. Really nice trips and I think the best one is to have google translator on your phones. A friend of mine who visited Europe said a similar thing.

  4. These are really honest tips overall as I have been to Europe I can so agree with the post will be helpful for many people.

  5. That was a handy list of suggestions. The medicine kit is imperative, and should be carried along during every travel. I don’t usually book a home stay, but that seems like an useful tip too.

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