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How to Get Rid of Meddling Relatives?

 How to Get Rid of Meddling Relatives?

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Relatives although given to us by Gods could be the bane of life. At times they bring forth more pain than helping us in problems. Most of the times I think why do they bother us that much?

Am I the only one feeling that?

Is it so difficult to get along?

Could they be avoided?

Would issue get resolved by confrontation?

I’m the kind of person who likes to face the problem “head on” but there’s no shortage of people who like playing games behind the screen. How do we avoid them?

  • Ignore & Avoid:

If possible try not to cross the way they’re walking, avoidance is the best policy to avoid trouble or fight. So outrightly ignore them.

But that doesn’t always work…

  • Fake a phone call:

If you’ve to face them and you don’t want to answer them then fake a phone call and leave.

  • Pretend you saw someone and leave:

Casually wave at someone and just leave them. It’s better to talk to someone you know less than talking to a troublesome person.

  • Ask them about food or water and get it for them:

To avoid answering the question ask them about food or drinks and get it for them, and repeat it till the topic of discussion has changed.

  • Outrightly don’t talk to them:

That’ll bring attention to your discomfort with someone in front of everyone. So this should be your final resort.

With relatives walking away should be your primary motive.

My Advice:

Forget the lessons where you’re told to face the problems.. run away from this.

Why do they even do that?

Is it Jealousy?

Is it a previous grudge?

Are they pathologically gaining pleasure out of someone’s pain?

May they’re bad people per se…

I couldn’t decide the reason for someone’s bothersome behavior but I so do not want to be part of their meddling and schemes. If that means bringing out the armors to protect me… alas, can’t be avoided.

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16 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Meddling Relatives?”

  1. This was so on track.I want to keep quiet and end up regretting my words.Nowadays I run but dont hide.Safe distance so that I cant hear them

  2. I think its a common problem. What I do is, I listen all their suggestions, advice but do not use these.Fake phone call really works. Basically the reason is, they cant see your good and they feel jealous and sometimes they want you to see the life the way they are seeing it.

  3. This is such an unique post! I wish i had come across something similar when I was in my teens and all their opinions and judgmental behaviour would get to me

  4. Now I knew that everyone’s relatives are the same and they have the same questions to ask. But yes, when you start ignoring them, they stop bothering you.

  5. Ignoring ajoush be the first solution but nothing works then we can think of doing the rest.

  6. Thank u so much for these wonderful tips..I usually get stuck up at such situations and find it very difficult to move out of becomes awkward at times

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