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5 Things My Profession Taught Me

5 Things My Profession Taught Me

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Every moment in our life we are learning something new and evolving to become better me.. but after spending half of my life being a doctor I’m still trying to be a better doctor.

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To Be Patient:

It’s the first thing I’ve learned and I’m still in short supply of it.

We need patience a lot and lots of it to deal with our patients and relatives. Patients don’t always have a relevant history or relevant problems but they do have queries in abundance. So I patiently sit and listen and pray to god to grant me more patience. The satisfaction and gratitude I see on their faces is the best reward I could ever gain.

Develop my communication skills:

Communication skills or relaying skills are very essential. It’s imperative that the patient and relatives understand what’s wrong with them or how the treatment would proceed or how the results would be… if we’re unable to convey it well then it’ll cause misunderstandings and problems.

Communicational Skills

I believe I’ve learned to make my communication skills a lot better. It matters a lot when we’re relaying news or test results that the patient understands it well.

Importance of teamwork:

In my profession most of the time we require backup from different fields or good care from paramedical staff or Juniors. It’s very essential to acknowledge the teamwork instead of taking sole credit.

At the early stage of my career, I aced in this field. I give credit to all and the whole team is rewarded for the success.



It’s what makes you a good doctor. You’ve to empathize with the patient and understand their suffering. It helps in the treatment too when you understand their condition you’ll help them better. It’s difficult to be empathic and still be unaffected by the suffering. It certainly takes a toll on us too.

Never Give Up:

You should never give up on a patient, no matter what the final results are, everyone deserves a chance. The importance of life is to the relatives so give your best shot.

No matter the condition, status, position, or financial gain, I’ve learned to just see them as our patients and treat them equally. Treat them the best we can.

Being Doctor Taught
Never Give Up

I’ve improved a lot and I’ve integrated them into my daily practice. With these important lessons, I’m still not done I want to be better so I’m open to learning more.

Happy Working…


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31 thoughts on “5 Things My Profession Taught Me”

  1. Doctor are treated as Gods and they are very easily blamed if anything goes wrong. but the truth is they are also human beings and it is not easy to have all the qualities you have mention all together. But I guess that what makes you someone special.Maintaining sanity and staying calm in negative situations, delivering sad news tactfully is not very easy as it looks.


  2. Truely agree with you, our careers and professions are great teachers . I have learnt the importance of patience and team work through ny work only.

  3. Good communication and team spirit are lessons that help us way past our professional lives. Medical profession does demand a lot.

  4. Every career taken by a person in his/her life teaches them some valuable lessons. Care should be taken that these good lessons learnt through the profession should be not left only till the work area. Well written post. #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

  5. I really salute your profession and every doctor. I know how hard their duty is. Less time for family and more time to patient

  6. Love love this post. You know I told a colleague the other day. Since I started blogging and writing articles my English have improved tremendously seeing that my first language is Afrikaans. I also started feeling more comfortable speaking it 🙂

  7. Well written post. Its very inspiring and agree with all the points you mentioned. To mingle with team and empathize others are great quality undoubtedly.

  8. With internet educated patients these days, I am sure the queries must be endless and you certainly need a lot of patience and effective communication. It’s so wonderful that you are acing all these skills needed in this noble profession of yours. More power to you and wishing you the very best in healing and touching lives, Richa ♥

  9. this is such a great post. My profession taught me to be patient and to dare to say no to your boss when people make unrealistic demands. I think at one point of time you need to become blunt.

  10. Yes, there are so many qualities and life skills we can learn from our professors. I still look upto my dept HOD for his calm demeanor even after a decade. I truly admire your profession. Keep up the amazing work

  11. Most of the time we dont understand doctors situation. Our pain tends to forget their struggles of continously diagnose problems and dealing with patients. Now i could emphathize. Thanks for this post.

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