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5 Things Places I’ve been Taught Me?

5 Things Places I’ve been Taught me?

Post 2- #MyFriendAlexa

I’m 35 years old and in my life, I’ve lived in many places, traveled to many places too but 5 things that few places taught me certainly needs to be mentioned because that made an impact on me and made me my better self. I carry mementos of these places as memories and Lessons.

  • Alwar:

It’s a small town in Rajasthan and it’s my hometown too. My studies were completed from Alwar only. That place taught me importance on Relations. Though I’ve gone through a lot of Love, affection, Care even Fights, Rebellion and a lot more.

Ancient Site Bhangarh

Alwar has taught me

“No matter what, Relations are for life”

  • Delhi:

I did my College studies (MBBS, DLO, nearly DNB) from Delhi. This city has been a part of me since 1999. It has given a most important lesson: Friendship. Here I’ve learned the Love through friendship. I have the most cherished memories of this place with my Friends, some are still in touch with me and are dear to me.


It has taught me

“Friendship more than 10 years changes to sisterhood”

  • Maldives:

I worked in Maldives for 3 years it was my first time in abroad on my own away from family in a Muslim country. Although few relations prospered with distance few died its own death. I made very dear friends there.

Maldives- Glowing Beach

I faced Loneliness, Pain, Love, Friendship even Betrayal but through all, I learned

“Friendship knows no boundary, not even religion”.

  • Uttarakhand:

I worked in Uttarakhand for nearly 3 years and during my work, I grew attached to that small place because of its guileless loving people, safe environment obviously the beauty. But the beauty of the place peppered with its people makes it a worthy place.

Valleys in Pauri- Garhwal

I learned that

“Humbleness is the best ornament worn by a person”.

  • Gurgaon:

I’m presently in Gurgaon since past 1 year, I’m near all whom I love. This place has taught me the most important lesson

“There’s more to life than Money”


Life can be lived at many terms and money is not one of them. This knowledge I gained in the Cybercity aka Gurgaon.

These are not my first lessons nor my last but these are the ones that made a lasting impact on my life. So I’m happy to share them with you and hope they’ll help you as well

Happy Living.

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50 thoughts on “5 Things Places I’ve been Taught Me?”

  1. These are some vital life lessons – in our journey every pace we visit, every person we meet leaves us with some memories and life lessons #MyFriendAlexa #AksReflects

  2. Loved the way you put this post together.
    Enjoyed reading and knowing a bit of both, you and about you! 🙂

  3. I’m 37 years old. Brought up in a small town Berhampore in Bengal. I have lived in Delhi, Bangalore, Mysore and now Kolkata is my home. This post was so relatable that it felt like I was reading my own journey. Well written..

  4. Every city has its own charm:)
    Loved reading your post.
    Thanks for sharing life lessons you learnt by staying in different cities.

  5. This is a beautiful post. I too have lived in many places and have taken something away from each place.

    But the way you have put it down to life lessons is wonderful. I need to introspect on similar lines!

  6. I am living in Dehradun currently and it’s my first time in Uttarakhand too. Loving it. As the photo in your post suggests, it’s a wonderful place, I am blessed to be here. Places teach us so many things indeed… 🙂

  7. Bhangarh has a history and I would personally want to visit this place some day soon. Beautifully written post.


  8. wow you have connected the places with your life! Its amazing. Life is a journey and we learn from the places where we live. There the people we meet, the relations we build help us to be more mature in life. And I think you have learnt the life lesson i.e. money is not everything. I believe the same too.

  9. Every places we live in or visit teaches us a thing or two. Lovely knowing all the valuable lesson that you got in life. 🙂

  10. This post only reinforces my belief that travel does not only help explore the world but it helps us explore ourselves and challenges us to introspect and rediscover a lot about our views.

  11. So well written post . These are the life most important lessons that we learn with our lifetime. Loved reading it.

  12. Super share! Totally love the write up. I have travelled but have only lived in Delhi. And have experienced all explained above.
    Couldn’t agree more with you.

  13. I have lived in different places too.. and each place grows on us gradually and eventually leaves us with valuable life lessons.
    very well written.

  14. Well written post dear, I feel happy to read this post. Every relation teaches us something and every city too, never though it this way 🙂
    Pune gave me love, affection, studies. Today I’m in Sindhudurg near Goa away from my family learning to be strong and independent each way 🙂

    #vigorousreads #MyFriendAlexa

  15. Every journey, every place has a different story, and have a lot of things to teach us. nicely penned down

  16. I personally love such posts. It’s like you get to learn so much from somebody else’s life… as if you got to live two lives.

    Nice posts. It would have been even better if you had explained or shared some situations that led you to those lessons.

  17. I can feel all the positive vibes from your post. I takes a great soul to look at life in such a positive manner. I could have never thought that we can learn such great life lessons through places we have been to. Loved reading this post!

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