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Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa Unveiled

Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa Unveiled:

#MyFriendAlexa -10th day

If I’m writing this post then I am definitely surviving My Friend Alexa Challenge. It’s a once a year Challenge by Blogchatter to take your blog few steps ahead.

I’ve definitely taken my Blog on the escalator with #MyFriendAlexa.


  • It’s organized by Team on Blogchatter’s highly devoted people.
  • I joined in series 3, it happens every September
  • Full month Challenge
  • 2 posts/week i.e. 8 (minimum) posts have to be written and shared.
  • Daily “homework”- commenting and reading 10 other blogs and sharing them on various platforms.
  • Informative and interactive sessions in between helping bloggers on various topics.

It’s a very organized challenge they keep track of your reading and writing activity by tracking your:

Reading #: #livingherselfreads

Writing#: #livingherselfwrites

Social Media

Besides these, they have a very devoted team with “confidential methods” of keeping a track (we’re still trying to JAILBREAK it).

A Word of Advice: Blogchatter sends you warning mails if you lag behind so keep up.

After letting you know about the difficult part I’ll share the benefits.

It takes your Alexa Rank to next level undoubtedly. #MyFriendAlexa helps many new bloggers in gaining Indian and global recognition in Alexa Ranking System.


Alexa Rank
  • Improves your Alexa Raking.
  • Your DA/PA improves.
  • You make new friends/ followers/ acquaintances/ contacts, who may help you in long run.
  • It gains your site a recognition with so many people going through your blog
  • Helps you in improving your site when you check so many sites and their faults you improve your site accordingly
  • You learn a lot.
  • Brings reading and writing in your routine.
  • Regularize your posting schedule.
  • Increases traffic numerous folds.

My Friend Alexa is a crash course on blogging.



I’m just doing Season 3 of My Friend Alexa but I’ll give you a few tips to survive #MyFriendAlexa:

  • Prepare in advance because so much of work during challenge you might end up with thought overload.
  • Keep cool don’t overdo the reading, no one can handle 100 posts/day
  • Comment, read and share this list provided to you.
  • Keep a theme or series on 8 blogs you’ll gain more traffic.
  • Do not forget to add “reading and writing #” on shares.
  • If you have some days busy, comment on the list in advance but share on the allotted day it’ll ease off the work of busy days (I usually do it on Sundays to make-up for busy Mondays).
  • Keep next post ready to post or schedule it in advance, after you’ve linked it to Blogchatter Linky. (keep 1 post in drafted in advance)
  • Spread the love you’ll receive love.

These are my few tips for #MyFriendAlexa Challenge I still have a long way to go before I sleep.

Happy Blogging.

13 thoughts on “Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa Unveiled”

  1. Useful tips. It is midnight and I too have some more readings to do. But on the whole it is an enjoyable experience though sometimes I have to struggle to complete my task.

  2. pretty sure the highest rankings I have every received in my blog life is following the my friend alexa series a year ago … will be tough to top that 😀

  3. Felt good going through this post, especially the pros of MFA. Participating for the 1st time and it kind of gives me a feeling of belonging.
    Thank you for this post. You have put down the points beautifully. Things are clear in my mind now.

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