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5 Movies that Made an Impact on Me

5 Movies that Made an impact on Me

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There is at times a lesson in what you’re watching. There are few movies which I found very interesting and it taught me something which made me a better person in my life.

  • Pursuit of Happyness

Pursuit of Happiness courtesy Google

It’s a great movie launched in 2006 with the lead role played by Will Smith. He’s an agent and a loving father in the movie but he wanted more from his life. He joins an institute for MBA and he puts everything at stake for it. He has no source of income so he and his son stay in metro bathrooms and shelter houses at night and he goes to complete his MBA in the daytime. His struggle and hardship even resolution would bring tears to your eyes.

It is indeed the PURSUIT OF HAPPY-NESS.

  • Million Dollar Baby:

Million Dollar Baby
Million Dollar Baby Courtesy Google

It’s an emotional and thrilling movie at the same time. It’s starring Hillary Swank in 2004. This movie would make you cry in the end. It’s a movie based on a boxing coach who is a bitter person and he takes a poor old girl under his wing and trains her to become a great boxer. She injures herself and gets paralyzed. The relationship between coach and student is heartwarming.

It’s never late to succeed

  • Collateral Beauty:

Collateral Beauty
Collateral Beauty Courtesy Google

It is an amazing movie released in 2016 starring Will Smith. He has just suffered a loss of a child and this movie has portrayed his emotional turmoil perfectly. His friends bring in stage actors to help him and ended up hiring Death, Love, and Life.

In this movie the interaction with Death, Love and Life changes 3 peoples perspective and make them choose the right direction.

Time Heals Everything.

  • Cinderella Man:

Cinderella Man
Cinderella Man Courtesy Google

It was released in 2005, in this movie Russell Crowe is a boxer but he falls into bad times after he fractured his hand and he nearly lost everything including his children. Through the hardship, his wife (Renee Zellweger) is with him and he remerges through few small fights until he lands up a fight for the champion trophy which might as well be his last fight since it was fighting to death literally. The movie would thrill one moment and make you cry another. It’s dialogue when he was asked

what he’s fighting for? he answered “Milk”

it was an award-winning answer in the Movie.

  • Hidden Figures:

Hidden Figures
Hidden Figures Courtesy Google

It was released in 2016 winning Oscar for its outstanding performance. The setup of the movie is of the 1960s in America when Blacks haven’t attained complete freedom and they’re still fighting for basic rights. The movie is based on true events. 3 black women got a job in NASA as clerical staff. Lead roles were played by Taraji P. Henson as Katherine a Mathematical Genius. Their acting in the movie is outstanding.

The dedication and hard work they show in a job with all bias they’re facing would touch you deeply. They emerged like a diamond after facing the rough conditions and hardship in life. These 3 outstanding women had made their mark.

  • NASA Named a building on her name- Langley Research Centre’s Katherine G. Johnson Computational Building.
  • 1st Black women to complete the Engineering degree, Mary Winston Jackson.
  • Black woman Olevia Spencer who Supervises the Programming Department of IBM in NASA.

Fight for your Rights.

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Although there are a lot of movies which might be good or even outstanding these movies left a mark when I watched them (even re-watched them) so these are the 5 movies which one should definitely watch once and you won’t regret it.

Happy Watching.

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22 thoughts on “5 Movies that Made an Impact on Me”

  1. Liked your viewpoint and the lessons learned from these movies. I liked the way you have kept the learning short and simple… no preachy words just your perspective. Great job. #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

  2. Interesting write up. We are so often inspired by some movies. Will try to watch few of these. Pursuit of happiness is awesome.
    #MyFriendAlexa #momlearningwithbaby #Blogchatter

  3. Movies plays an important role in my life too, there is a list of movies which really inspired me and motivated me to give my best. #DelhibloggerReads #MyFriendAlexa

  4. Wow great list Richa. the pursuit of happiness is my all time favoutite too. I can watch this movie so many times and each time it feels really amazing. will watch other movies too, from your list. #surbhireads #Myfriendalexa

  5. Hey that’s a nice list of movies and a wonderful coincidence. My Alexa 2018 theme is movies that inspired me and some of the flicks match 😉
    #MyFriendAlexa #gleefulreads

  6. Pursuit of Happyness is truly one of the movies that made an impact on me too. There is so much to take away from that movie. Surprisingly I haven’t seen the other 4 so I must get on it soon!

  7. After a hiatus of almost 3 years that I spent in raising my baby I am back to watching movies so the recommendations are much needed. I loved Pursuit of Happyness. I am sure the others will be eye opening too.

  8. Great choice of movies I must say. I too feel movies or Creativity in general can teach a lot life lessons. It teaches patience, boosts confidence n at times becomes the confidant. Good read..

  9. Pursuit of Happiness is no doubt one of my favorites from the list. But Collateral Beauty really piques my interest. I must lay my hands on this movie sooner.

  10. Fab list! I have only watched Pursuit of Happiness. Will make it a point to watch the rest of the films too. Thank you for compiling this list and describing the movies so beautifully. #MayuraReads #MyFriendAlexa

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