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5 Things that Time Changed in Me

5 Things that Time Changed in Me

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It is often stated that time changes everything. Time is one entity which doesn’t ever turns back so ones the moment has passed you lose it forever. We never notice the changes time has done to us. Once in a while we look back in past and realize the changes or someone from past reminds us of them.

Though I was not even aware that I changed I think I changed for good.


Changes Time made in me:


With time I’ve become humble. Previously I was proud of my achievements, even slightly arrogant. Being a Doctor by profession this trait was not good.

Now I’m aware of my accomplishments and I’m happy too but I’m not arrogant about them.  I’m proud but Humble.

Importance of family:

When I was young I use to make friends very easily, I use to give them equal status as a family. With time I’ve lost more friends than I can count, everyone is busy in their own life. That’s when I realized that people who are always with us are family.


Friends who are with us for more than 10 years are extended family. We should cherish them forever.

Time has taught me the importance of Family.

Peace of mind:

I’ve learned with time that my peace of mind is more important than anything. If it means:

  • agreeing with old people or irrational boss or cranky patients
  • hiring more Maids to give you time for yourself
  • buying things without Bargaining
  • not fighting for change with local vendors or auto or taxi.

No use fighting to prove ourselves, we know we are right. It doesn’t make us larger but conceding even when another person is wrong may give us mental peace.

Time has taught me that Instead of fighting to prove myself right I’ve learned to fight my battles at right time to win The War.

No fight is worth my peace of mind.

Stop trying to Please Everyone:

Previously it uses to matter to me a lot “How others would feel about me if I didn’t do it?”

With time I realized that people “WILL” think, it’s in their job description so why change for them? I think of my comfort, implications of the deed, impact of it and if I’m convinced enough……. I do it but never to please someone.

My advice learn to do things for yourself and not to please others.

Learn to say NO:

It was the most thing that I have learned rather I’m still learning. It’s difficult for me at times to say no but I’m making myself firm and rigid in a few things so that I can decline.

Learn to Say NO

The steps of declining that I’ve achieved are still at the initial stage so I could do subtle and at times vague “I’ll think about it”. Soon I’ll progress to the stage of “I’ll not do it” too.

[Tweet “I’m evolving and time is the best teacher.”]

Time can do hard or subtle but change you it will.

With this post, I hope that I’ve given you something to mull over and compare your past and present you.

Happy Evolving.


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15 thoughts on “5 Things that Time Changed in Me”

  1. It is commendable that you not only changed, but also realised that you need to and that you have, Dr Richa. Must people spend an entire life unchanged and rigid and proud of it.
    My takeaways from your post are pointers from your ‘Peace of Mind’ .
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Change is inevitable with time and I used to think just like you. Realising it is itself great doc 🙂 Yes, family is everything is what I thought, but now husband died, kids flown the nest, friends abandoned me as my social ranking fell. I actually dunno how to cope.

    1. everyone carries on because they have to and so you will do it too because you have to… i cant ttell you what to do but i’ll support you in your decision… best of luck

  3. Good that you learnt these valuable lessons early on in life. Some people spend lifetime being unaware and keep trying to please everyone.

  4. I agree with time we changed and I too started saying ‘ No ‘and try to please everyone, though it was hard for me but now it doesn’t matter, what matter is my smile only 🙂

  5. Same here. Changed a lot over time and still changing. Yes there is no point in wasting energy on instances that are never going to change. Instead we can use them in productive areas. ☺️ Loved this post

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