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5 Habits I acquired to Succeed

5 Habits I acquired to Succeed

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I was not always at the place I am now. I’ve worked hard, spent many sleepless nights working, learned things from who so ever was happy to teach me. After a long journey, I’ve reached a place where I am.

I’m not yet satisfied, my journey would still go on. To reach this place I’ve picked up some good habits from juniors, colleagues, seniors or anyone. What mattered to me was my goal to succeed and I’ve worked hard for it.

Here are the few habits which everyone should have to succeed:


No matter how small or big organize everything starting from your cabinet, work table, cabinet, house. The time you spend in searching things out of chaotic place is the time you lose in doing something productive.

Set Goals

Initially, it takes time and effort but once you’re done you just have to follow the same pattern and it’ll become a habit.

Anything that you do continuously for 10 days would become a habit.

Planning Ahead:

It’s a very important step plan ahead. Always have back-up or back-up of the back-up that way you cushion your fall and are never at the bottom but one step up.

list making

Pre panning makes you ready to face a lot of things and at times even help you overcome the worst phase of your life too.

You always have something to look forward to if you plan ahead.

Be Prepared

It wouldn’t harm you to be prepared for anything and everything thrown at you.

For instance, sudden duty, sudden emergency, sudden project, sudden loss of job etc. nothing should push you towards anxiety or panic. Keep your cool be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to face anything and it’ll be all right.

Life takes tests so being prepared would make you stronger.

Always be ready to Learn:

Never Stop Learning

Don’t let the status or position of a person stop you from learning. No matter the strata learn from anyone who wants to teach you. It has never harmed anyone to learn.

No knowledge has ever harmed anyone, it’s how you implement it matters.

Hone your communication skills:

In this world communication skills matter a lot. Let it be professionally or personally you should always learn to express yourself. I lack the verbal expressing skill but I’m trying to make it up by writing, I hope I’m succeeding in it.

Communication Skills

Learn to master PowerPoint, slides, video, articles. It’s a modern world and tech communication are essential for success. Just keep on trying no-one succeeds in the first attempt and with time everyone improves (if you doubt me then read your first blog, you’ll see your own mistakes crystal clear).

If you like what you read then change for good…

Happy Success to you.

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16 thoughts on “5 Habits I acquired to Succeed”

  1. All are perfect habits you have listed here and I too believe that if you plan and ready to learn everyday from even small things ..nothing can beat you in getting success in life

  2. Wow, this is one motivational and insightful post I have seen in some weeks. Thank you. 🙂


  3. These are some very good and useful habits . Learning new things is always helpful. Loved reading your post

  4. I agree with you, life is like lifetime school, learn so much. even I learned so much from my maid not professional thing but house chore things. Never feel shame to learn things from anyone. Love your 5 success tips

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