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Festival Season Alert

Festival Season Alert:

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In few days festival season would start in India.

How to prepare in advance?

What to do for it?

First and foremost is make a plan for the holidays.

These are the upcoming Gazetted Holidays (GH) in the upcoming months and the festivals for which you ought to be prepared.

  • Gandhi Jayanti:    2nd Oct (Tue)
  • Durga Puja:           15-19th Oct (Mon-Fri)
  • Maha-Navmi:        18th Oct (Thur)
  • Dussehra:              19th Oct (Fri)
  • KarwaChauth:       27th Oct (Sat)
  • Diwali/Deepawali: 6th Nov  (Tue)
  • Govarthan:              8th Nov (Thur)
  • Bhai Dooj:                9th Nov (Fri)
  • Eid:                            21st Nov (Wed)


Are you planning an outing? Book tickets now?

Is someone visiting you? Book hotels or rented place now?

Do you have a function coming up? Book halls in advance, start searching now.

When this is decided next thing you need is something to wear.

Proceed stepwise:

  • How many functions?
  • How many dresses?
  • What type of dresses? Indian? Western?
  • Stitched? Purchased? Old?
  • Budget?
  • Accessories? Jewelry? Shoes?


Gifts doesn’t have to be expensive but they should be well chosen and thoughtful so that receiver would remember you and be happy when they think about it.

  • How many gifts?
  • Whom to gift?
  • What to gift?
  • Budget?
  • Order in advance?

These are the main important points to be kept in mind, so make a list & now start preparing by searching for online sales or sales at the shops.

Fill up your carts and order in advance the gifts, Decorative items, dresses for yourself and loved ones. It’s a big task but if you start early everything would not pile on suddenly.

Happy Festival to all..

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7 thoughts on “Festival Season Alert”

  1. You just reminded me to order my online gifts for all. This post has come as a wakeup call to me. Thanks 🙂


  2. This time of the year is my favorite with back to back festivals lines up. And, everytime I end up buying lot more gifts than needed. A little planning would definetly be helpful.

  3. This idea is good but I am looking for Diwali Gifts those should be under 2000 Rs and something more usable in daily life, not from the kitchen. Let me know if you have some.

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