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We all use lies at times knowingly and few times unknowingly. some lies even we have used in our life, 10 Most commonly used lies are:

I’ll call you Right Back

Let me sit and hold my breath for that. It’s the topmost lie we all use to disconnect the call when we’re busy. The worst part is no one calls “Right Back” at all…

You look Amazing…

When we’re going out and we ask our partner

“Darling, how am I Looking?” The most common response is “you look amazing” even when they’ve not moved the neck an inch to even look at us…. Uffff…

Of course, I Remember!!!

Hey, do you remember what day it is?

Of course, I remember!!! While trying to figure it out “What the hell I forgot???

It’s the easiest response to give your brain time to remember what or whom they’ve forgotten?

I’ll be Ready in 5 min

Not even Gods could get ready in 5 min, So take your time we all know it’s going to take an hour.

I’m Fine

Oh God!!! RED ALERT!!!!

This line is Code Blue for you… never take it literally and pester and force another person to tell you what’s wrong else you might pay highly for it…

I would be there in 10 min

It officially means they’ve just started and it would take time so you relax… I’m stuck in Traffic jam. It means if I told you the truth that “It’ll take 2 hours you’ll Kill me slowly & painfully” These are 2 lies everyone uses when they’re running late.

I do not have Change

Well Well!!! You’ve to pay the bill again. Else there’s no shortage of change is stores anyone could get change if some really wish to pay the bills.

I was about to Call you

Ya Right!! And we have Telepathy that’s why I called you the moment you thought about me… I was not born yesterday…

Work is almost complete

OMG!!! It’s going to take a lot of time to finish the work you might as well forget it that you’ll get it done today…

Last but not the Least is


It’s like a knee-jerk response everyone gives when they hear it. These are the 3 most important but callously used words.

I hope you’ll agree with my post. Don’t forget to share if you like the post.

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17 thoughts on “10 TOP MOST LIES”

  1. great post! Wanted to tell you that your ‘like’ button doesn’t load onto the page…love your graphics & your thought-provoking topic. So….what are your thoughts on these ‘top ten lies’? to avoid at all costs? a necessary evil? any recommendations on an approach to take when we see one of these pop up in our daily life?

    1. It’s just an insight on the most common lies everyone encounters but to deal with them might depend on who’s using them?? And few lies are necessary evil

  2. I am hoping to be ready in 5 mi is my own favourite .It’s not a lie.I actually mean to do that!#UBC

  3. Hahaha.. these are so true. Most of them. ‘ almost complete, will call u back, was about to call u, n most imp, I love u’. Loved the post, Richa 🙂 #LiveItYoungReads

  4. Ha ha. We all use them at some point of time knowingly or unknowingly. I guess there are many more like “I am on my way” or When not answering a call “I was sleeping or in bathroom” ?

  5. These are the most common lies which everyone uses to say…
    And my favourite one is I m calling u in 5 min, when I am not in mood to talk with anyone

  6. Wonderful post. I. Loved the topic. Lies are so common. No one can deny.

    The most common lie is. . If someone says…I wll be reaching in 5 min. And the person actually have not started from his place.

  7. I loved your post. Full of humour and wit and so true! I am myself guilty of having used many of these as lies!

  8. I can so relate to these excuses and we must have used them at some point of time. Indeed very funny to read.

  9. he he 🙂 loved it. Really so true. I didnt even think in that way but all these lies we use in our daily life. Full agreed with you.

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