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5 Ways to Detoxify Mind

5 Ways to Detoxify my Mind

Mind is a chaos in midst of organized pockets. It’s so full of things that at times we need to declutter it. So let’s Detoxify our minds

Bin few things, trash few forever, put it in respective folder, save it for later… viola we’re done…

How I wish I could do that to my mind too. So I’ve found 5 ways to detoxify my mind and dump the trash (meditation doesn’t do the trick for me).

How to detoxify our minds?

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For me the trick is to not to let my mind work, I provide it with mundane work requiring less thinking, less concentration and time to RELAX.


When people say that music is healing it’s literally the truth so I let the music work its magic on me when I’m very stressed and my mind needs time to rest. I put on my Bose with my I-pod and blast it in my ears.

I have the perfect playlist for such times and after mind-numbing music party I’m ready to face the world again with my mind online and rejuvenated.


I’m not the best cook but when I’m very stressed I imagine what I want to eat then I start with scratch no matter how difficult the dish is.

Believe me, the best dishes I’ve ever cooked came out of that state of mind only. This helps my mind and relaxes it.


I’m not an avid gardener, but since the past few years I have started loving the plants and see them blossom or glow is elating.

It helps in overcoming a lot of troubled thoughts so when I want to detoxify my mind I sit and nurture my small balcony cum garden and it helps me a lot.


I’m not proud of this one but it’s the best mode of mind detoxification. After good 2-3 hours, my mind feels like new and totally refreshed. I don’t indulge in it a lot, but when over-stressed I sleep like a log.

REM sleep cycle is of 90 minutes so to get complete mind relaxation, which happens only in REM sleep at least 90 min of sleep is essential.

Walk/Run or Exercise:

Exercise keeps your mind busy at every level and the endorphins which are released after exercise helps in mind detoxification. Endorphins increase mind functioning capacity, causes a feeling of elation.

Any kind of activity Yoga, Swimming, Walking, Running, Aerobics etc… would help in mind detox.

I hope these points help you too in some way like they help me in Mind Detox.

I try my level best to do one or more out of 5 things excluding sleep to detoxify my mind and be ready for the enormous clutter waiting for my mind again the next day.

Happy Detoxification.

Mind Detox
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10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Detoxify Mind”

  1. In my world it’s equally important to be mindful of what I allow to enter my mind.

    Less “news” (same old negative hash…)
    Less violent movies
    Less negative or boring people around me

    When I avoid those there is less to detox. 🙂

  2. Great ideas, it appears not many are fond of gardening, but I love it!! Not only does it provide a way for me to feed my family but it brings in a lot of other beautiful animals. It’s nice to see them scampering around. I don’t mind them taking their occasional feedings either, it makes me happy to see I can provide some nourishment for them too.

  3. Wow! I do all of those things already, and for the same reasons. Digging up weeds feels very therapeutic! I walk a lot, somethings long distances. I love to cook… I’m a member of the church choir… anyway… I’m glad that I am detoxifying my mind with all happy stuff! thank you!

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