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Are You Free Tonight? #TheBlindList

Are you free tonight?


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Yes!!! Anytime for you “My World”…

It’s literally “My World” and not a Lovey-Dovey name. I’m on my first ever “Blind Date with the World” I’d love to tell you how It was… My own World taking me for Exploring the World.

We started our date with World picking me up from home and promising my parents to be back at the decent time.

Getting to Know Each Other:

As I’m walking hands in hands with The World he promised me to take me to his most loved places. We started our journey on the Bridge of Venice sipping champagne and gazing at the canal and gondolas.

With soft music playing, as we walk down that cobbled street when love is in the air… making small awkward talks to get to know each other better, asking stupid questions at times laughing without reason. Asking the World about its likes and dislikes.

Getting Comfortable:

As we both get comfortable with each other he whisks me off the globe to the beach of Maldives on the soft-lit table set seaside with the soft light of candle we both lost in each other as we’re in a Bubble away from the rush of life.

Enjoying the food and violins playing, few people laughing and other gazing at the sea, bioluminescence visible on shore with each wave. As the food is over we take a walk on the beach and watch the moon rising. He asks me if I love chocolate.. I said definitely and…


We’re in Belgium… we’re walking in a crowded street filled with shops of chocolates, he takes me inside and we taste a few chocolates picked Pralines, Truffles for our journey ahead…


He hands me his fur-lined coat and he asks me to close my eyes.. I open it next on Great Wall of China covered in snow and moonlight giving the stone structure a soft glow… I’m in awe of the beauty of it. We both ate our chocolates sitting on the Great Wall of China… just Imagine.

Exploring the World
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The Kiss:

Since our night together is coming to an end he said let take you to one last place which reminds me of you.. Mysterious, glowing and breathtaking that’s when we landed in Norway to gaze at Northern lights. That Kiss under the aurora was what made me fall for the world.

He drops me at home and promises me many more nights exploring the world, as I lay in my bed thinking I realized that the Unexpected, Unexplored part of him attracts me to him most. Will it be the Deep sea diving next time or the Snow-clad Mountains or meadows with kangaroos or safari with cheetah I don’t know and that’s the adventure of Blind Date and the Blind List. It’s a New Unexplored World Daily. I Don’t know where I’ll be next…

That one night with the World made me fall for him hard and fast. That’s my Blind Date story.

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Don’t just sit… Take a risk, Go on Exploring the world, Travel, Fall in Love, Make mistakes, Take a wrong turn but follow your Heart make “A Blind List”… So Are you Free tonight???

Happy Exploring The World…

#TheBlindList #SayYesToTheWorld

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This post is a work of fiction and no part has any relation to any person’s life. These thoughts are my own and are part of a campaign for Lufthansa #TheBlindList Contest #SayYesToTheWorld.

18 thoughts on “Are You Free Tonight? #TheBlindList”

  1. How creative! I loved your blind date with the world – so inspiring. Makes me think about all the places I’d like to travel… (finding the northern lights is definately on my travel bucket list!)

  2. All of this seems like a dream come true which u normally get to see in movies only…sadly it never happens in real life..

  3. Omg!! This was such a beautiful fantasy!!! The way you have personified “the world “ is truly magical!! You have described your idea about a blind date superbly! I loved it!!

  4. A blind date is always exciting and thrilling. It will definitely lead to many surprises..)

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