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5 Things I Purchased to Succeed

5 Things I Purchased to Succeed

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Success requires an investment of every kind. Time, money, effort, labor you name it and Success need it. There have been a lot of things that I’ve purchased in my life, but few have been very necessary for me.

Things I literally need to succeed:


It’s very essential to stay connected and be in the loop so Phones are a dire necessity. Nowadays a smartphone is equipped with everything. With so many applications and functions, you could literally run an office from the phone.

A phone is not just a phone it’s a weapon that’ll help you succeed.


In this age of technology, a life without a laptop and internet is not possible. Everyone needs to be in touch with the latest techniques, updates in the profession, news of the world. Even be in touch with people across the world.

The laptop was my 2nd important investment after Phone.


Have own means of commuting saves you a lot’s of time and is a necessity so I purchased my car after that. Believe me, it eased my life unbelievably. Now I don’t have to wait for auto, taxi etc. for important work I just take my car.

I and My car have symbiosis I help my car run smooth and she makes my life run smoother.


This one was very important to push my profession a notch further, so I purchased instruments. It’s required for a better practice to have the best surgical and diagnostic instruments so I invested in them.

It was very difficult to shell out that much money with a meager salary but it was necessary. They’ve indeed helped me thousand times over so I don’t regret buying them either.

My Domain Name:

That one is the most recent one. I was very motivated by Dr. Amrita’s blog and was a stringent follower of it. I wrote 2 posts on her encouragement for her blog to gain confidence then, she suggested to open my own blog and during Super Blogger Challenge 2018 in March 2018 I finally gathered my courage booked my domain name on Go Daddy and started writing.


If nothing else this has been a positive outlet of my restless energy. I feel relieved by venting it out and it gives me a sense of achievement too.

My Blog is My New Identity.

These are a list of my 5 things which helped me and are helping me succeed in my Life.

Happy Success.

10 thoughts on “5 Things I Purchased to Succeed”

  1. Awesome. Technology is always there to embrace us or should I say we embrabrace the latest technology. But finding a new identity is very cool. Wonderful!!

  2. Very true..these 5 things makes you self sufficient and gives you the confidence to keep growing. .

  3. These are the much-needed gadgets which are needed in a life. I am left with to bit a car with my investment, hope to do it soon

  4. I loved the fact that you mentioned Domain name in too. Everybody is becoming tech savvy but having your own website is something else.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

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