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What’s Up on WhatsApp??

What’s Up on WhatsApp??

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With the growing need of people to be connected to near and dear ones, one App has emerged and gained its name in the midst of a thousand other apps “WhatsApp”. Previously the app was only used to send and receive messages but recently it has evolved itself and became a multipurpose App. People do so many things with WhatsApp it has even become Bread & Butter for many users.

WhatsApp Status

The Green logo of WhatsApp has become a world known app.

What does WhatsApp do?

  • Messages exchange
  • Video transfer
  • Audio Recorded Messages
  • Audio Calling
  • Video Calling
  • Location Update
  • Contact Transfer
  • Pictures Transfer
  • Status Update

With the needs of the customers, the app is constantly updating itself. Recently the feature of WhatsApp Status Update, which has become an upcoming rage in the youngsters. Constantly sharing the emotional status or pictures makes them be connected to thousand others, this new feature makes your WhatsApp Status Eye-Catching.

I came across this site while scrolling for Quotes it’s What’s Status, it has an enormous collection of Quotes, pictures, videos and Messages which could be searched according to the genre.

WhatsApp status
Download & Make DP

What’s Status helps in expressing the emotions in messages Hindi/English, Pictures as WhatsApp DP(Display Pic) or add WhatsApp Videos or GIF Images. The collection needs to be explored since it has all that you may ever need to glorify you WhatsApp.

Go On explore.

For updating the WhatsApp Status this is step by step guide:

Select the message you like and Copy it

WhatsApp Status
Copy & Paste

Go to WhatsApp and click on Status Icon

WhatsApp Status
Edit the Text or Color

Paste it and You’re Good to Go…

WhatsApp Status
Status Update

The Best Part is that “It’s Free”

Pictures, GIF Images, Messages etc could be Downloaded from the vast collection.

Happy WhatsApping…

WhatsApp Status
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This site Review is sponsored and my opinions about What’s Status are honest and the views are my own after going through the site. They’re not influenced in any way and are true to best of my knowledge.

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