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5 Epic Movies of Hollywood

5 Epic Movies of Hollywood.

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In the history of cinema, there have been millions of movies which we loved, remembered at times memorized too… but there are few which has been imprinted in our Heart and soul forever. Today I’ll share 5 such Hollywood Epic movies.

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Hollywood Epic Movies:

Lord Of The Rings

It’s a movie based on the Novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien fight of all the races of Elves, Dwarfs, Hobbits, Wizards against a great evil which is governed by Greed, Lust of Power and To Rule the World “The Saruman”.

The movie consists of 3 parts

  • Fellowship of The Rings (2001)
  • The Twin Towers             (2002)
  • Return of The King          (2003)

This movie has won many awards for its animations and direction. Later on, a prequel to this movie was made with the story of The Hobbit.

  • The Unexpected Journey (2012)
  • The Desolation of Smaug (2013)
  • The Battle of Five Armies (2014)

I was thinking to add it as a separate entry because it too deserves it’s placed individually but there are many great movies which deserve that place too.

Troy (2004)

Troy Movie was based in the 12th century on one of the greatest love stories of Greek era which united the whole of Greek to fight against Troy. The Troy would have remained undefeated if they’d not have given in and brought The Trojan Horse in the Fort.

The battle between Greek and Trojan armies is amazingly picturized.

It’s the story of Half God and greatest Warrior “Achilles”.

The Movie has it all Great actors like Brad Pit, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom Greek bronze warriors worth ogling. Battles, costumes, drama, romance.

It’s a total package worth watching.

Gladiator (2000)

It’s was from Roman Era when Rome was drowning in Blood Games, Addiction under a wrong King Commodus. To fight such evil one Gladiator General Maximus sold to slavery rise against all odds to challenge The King and saves The Rome.

It’s full of drama, emotions, and loyalty. It’ll make you cry at loss and make you jump with joy but you won’t be able to sit still to watch it.

Russell Crowe has outdone himself in acting in this movie.

Braveheart (1995)

It’s based on the story of Scottish Freedom from England. William Wallace as a son watched his own father and brother killed.  Later he married a Murron who was hanged for trying to protect her virtue. William then leads the Scottish clan to seek Revenge and many Scots join The Revolution against King Edward. He was captured and Beheaded but instead of pleading “mercy” he shouts “Freedom”.

The acting of Mel Gibson

The movie would touch you to the core and you’ll be in awe with the great direction and acting.

Last but not the least on my list is:

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

The movie has covered 12th century the wars and invasions faced by Jerusalem which is considered holy land for Christians, Jews, Muslims so the land is invaded by Saladin where a Crusaders fight for lives of women and children behind the walls.

The acting of Orlando Bloom is worth an appreciation here. He’s a Balian French village Blacksmith and a son of Baron.

Although I’ve not included many amazing movies so I’m enumerating few which were very hard for me to not mention here

  • 300 (2006)
  • Titanic (1997)
  • Last Samurai (2003)

That’s all from my side.

Happy movie time

10 thoughts on “5 Epic Movies of Hollywood”

  1. Hollywood movies are made with lot of thinking and substance. I haven’t watched the movies that you have mentioned except Titanic. But I have heard a lot about them.

  2. I have seen Lord of rings complete series..loved every bit of it..Hollywood movies always take cinema to a next level

  3. I am not into such a big fan of Hollywood movies but my brother he is just crazy and now my daughter. And some movies are quite familiar to me as my brother always discuss about it

  4. Lovely list Richa. I have watched almost every except the hobbit series. LOR series is one of my favorites including 300 & Last Samurai.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  5. That’s a great list! I have seen a few and need to catch up on the rest. Perfect timing as kids have vacation right now!!

  6. I can proudly say that I have seen all the movies mentioned in your post. Troy, Gladiator and 300 more than once and I love it everytime I watch these epics.
    Nice post


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