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Bollywood Nightmares of 2018

Bollywood Nightmares of 2018

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This year is heading towards its end and out of all the movies 2018 has thrown on us few were worth remembering and few were so nightmarish that even thinking of watching such movies would give us goosebumps. Here are the Worst Bollywood nightmares of 2018.

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  5. Hate Story 4:

Unlike the previous sequels which were dragged forward by the chemistry and some substantial story, this part couldn’t do well with sex and no story. The acting was good but without a good story, the movie was a total loss..

It was Bollywood nightmare no. 5.

   4. Aiyaary:

This movie had given us so many high expectations but it didn’t live up to its mark at all. the movie had a good suspense but so many infused sub-plots were tiring and not even relevant. Despite having a good star cast movie was a total flop.

  3. Thugs of Hindustan:

Our own Bollywood version of “Pirates of The Carrabian” great animations and star cast with no story to carry it all forward. The movie was supposed to be a war layout but there have never been pirates in our history. Since its fiction, we could live with that if the movie itself was good enough.

Even for cheating, a good story is a necessity.

  2. Pari:

It was supposed to be a Supernatural Thriller but despite the great scary music, the movie was totally intolerable. It was less than 2 hours but it felt hell lot longer. The movie would get on your nerves.

A pointless and storyless movie of this year.

 1. Race 3:

The Award of Worst Movie of this Year goes to Race 3

Race 3 was most awaited movie because of its star cast, but even Salman Khan couldn’t drag the movie far enough. The movie only worked a bit in the Cinema hall because of Salman Khan but without any story and minimalistic acting could only take the movie this far.

So this is the Final countdown, hoping nothing worst is yet to be released in 2018 by Bollywood.

Bollywood Nightmares of 2018
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Keeping our fingers crossed for getting no more “Bollywood Nightmares in 2018”.

Happy Watching

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15 thoughts on “Bollywood Nightmares of 2018”

  1. Agree with your list, except Pari. I kind of like the acting, effects, and visualization of super natural powers. Though the script was weak but Anushka and other actors made a remarkable line of acting.

  2. The box office journey of Neeraj Pandey’s film Aiyaari was on snail’s speed from the beginning. Very nice article to save your money, wasting in tickets and popcorn 🙂

  3. I have not watched the other movies except Pari. According to me, Pari was a good movie and Anushka Parambrata both have done amazing job.

  4. Why did you do this post???? Mera secret out ho gaya…I had watched all of them !!! :p

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