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Trekking Destinations for Beginners in North India

Trekking Destinations for Beginners in North India

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This is a Guest Post written by Mr Amit Gupta who’s a travel buff, a travel blogger and a good friend who agreed to write a post for me, now over to Amit:

Are you a travel enthusiast? Have you traveled to amazing destinations and mesmerized by the beauty of places? If your answer is yes, just think have you enjoyed nature at its best? If your answer is yes again! We would have to disagree with you because you have missed a great chunk of traveling. Yes, you have missed something special if you have not done ‘Trekking’! Trekking gives a whole new definition for traveling and it has gained a lot of popularity in India in recent years.

Best Trekking destination in India
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Why should you trek?

• Trekking brings you closer to nature. While trekking you see the serene beauty of the untouched nature up close.
• It is a good exercise and trekking once in a while keeps you fit and healthy.
• You make the most lasting friendships. Since trekking is always far from civilization you will have to turn to your fellow trekkers for any kind of assistance. You will meet people from diverse backgrounds and learn about culture and friendship in a much more sincere way.
• You will learn to enjoy more and complain less since you will have to go through a lot of experiences while trekking.
• In short, trekking gives you a better experience, golden memories, and everlasting relationships that even a world-class international vacation cannot give you.

India is a beautiful place that has almost all kinds of vacation spots you can imagine of. Do you want a beach trip where you can party? Then head over to Goa or Pondicherry. Do you want a beach that is more serene and close to nature? Head over to Lakshwadeep or Andaman. Do you want to enjoy nature up close? Head over to the northeast. India has all the destinations you can think of. So do not worry if you want to find an apt trekking destination.
Trekking destinations can be classified into:
– Easy
– Moderate
– Difficult
If you are a beginner it is better to choose an easy trekking destination where it involves a couple of days with only a few hours of trekking a day. Once you are comfortable trekking in a few of these places, then you can try the moderate trekking places. The final trekking places are for experts who are ready to take on all kinds of ordeals and have really good experience in trekking.
North of India has some beautiful destinations for trekking. We will be taking you through some great places where you could trek as a beginner.

1. Kheerganga Trek: Himachal Pradesh

This beautiful destination offers you a delight at the top of the mountain. The trekking trail that is 3000 meters is located in the Parvati Valley (Kulu Valley). You can always choose this destination to begin your trekking chapters because this place will inspire you to explore more. There are 3 trails to choose from the base to reach Kheerganga trek. Along the trails beautiful waterfalls and the roaring sound of the river Parvati gushing awaits you. There are very few cafes & restaurants along the way so, remember to be well stuffed with basic necessities. The basic expense of a 2-3 day trip to Kheerganga is 4000-5000 rupees.

2. Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass trek is considered one of the best trekking trails for beginners. The snow clad mountains and alpine mountains, that connects two of the most beautiful valleys, Kullu and Lahaul, can easily take your breath away. Hampta Pass is typically a 5-day trek and beholds a lot of secrets to unveil along the way. Like most of the trekking sites found in North India, Hampta Pass also has amazing views of mountains and the silence of nature to offer at the peak. The basic expense for a 4-5 day trip is 8000-9000 rupees.

3. Valley of Flowers Trek, Garhwal

Best Trekking Destinations of India
Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers is a must visit place if you are a flora & Fauna lover. This place is overloaded with flower beds with flowers blooming throughout the place in various colors. The trekking trail runs between snow clad mountains and amazing flower clad valleys. This rare and natural botanical garden comes under the Nanda Devi Biosphere and has also been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This 5-day trek may cost you 8000-9000 rupees.

4. Sham Valley Trek, Ladakh

Sham Valley Trek, also called ‘Apricot Valley’ since it is the home of Apricot, blossoms during the winter. This trek is known as the baby trek since anybody, including children, can trek this. Another reason why this trekking site is gaining popularity is, this is also a family trekking site. It is the apt place if you wish to take your family on an adventurous vacation. This 4-5 days trekking can cost you 9000-10000 rupees.

5. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Kashmir

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a perfect trekking site if you are someone who loves to hear historical stories and mythology. This trekking site is ladened with lakes which are named after Hindu Gods and often comes with a story or a legend behind the name or the site. Going on this trek will be an eye-opener since you will find out the real reason as to why Kashmir is called the Heaven of India. Few of the spectacular lakes you can find along the trail are, Gangabal, Vishansar, Krishnasar, and Gadsar. This 7-day trip may cost you 10000-12000 rupees.
These are some of the most beautiful and easiest trekking destinations found in North of India. So next time you plan for a vacation, do try these adventurous treks.

Best Trekking destination in North India
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A few things to remember before you wear your backpack to go on a trekking expedition.
• Even though we have mentioned easy trekking sites, trekking is not as easy as it sounds. So remember to start exercising and staying fit before you go on a trek. Do regular leg based cardio routine, go for long walks, take the stairs as much as possible.
• Have the proper gear for trekking.
• Keep yourself well hydrated.
• If you are a first-time trekker it is better to either go in groups or book a travel package.
• Some of these trekking sites need permits. So have a thorough knowledge of what you need before leaving.
• Pack a minimalistic luggage yet have all your necessities.
• All the trekking destinations are surrounded by natural resources. So do not litter and throw your wastes and plastics.
Happy trekking!

Author Bio :- Amit is an avid traveler and passionate writer. His weekends are dedicated to travel and free time dedicated to writing. His passion for both these hobbies made him start The blog is intended to bring out the real India and present it to the world!

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  1. Wow! Thats a nice list. I have a few friends who are enthusiastic about trekking. They would love to get such a handy list.

  2. Though I stopped trekking many years back, this post definitely brings back memories of some of the finest Treks I have been a part of.


  3. This is very helpful post for travel buffs. I so wanted to visit Valley of Flowers this year. Missed it. The other treks also look mesmerising.

  4. Wow that’s truly am amazing post, I have never been to trekking but it’s my dream to go once for it. Wish if could get a chance for this opportunity to do it

  5. I have never done trekking. But yes, it s totally different experience and you get to live close to the nature.

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