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Glowing Skin’s Secret

Glowing Skin’s Secret

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Beautiful skin is the best ornament a woman could wear. To be blessed with wonderful skin with no blemishes or marks or acne is every women’s dream, definitely, mine too… I wish instead of using filters on phone my skin would glow otherwise too. How to achieve perfect skincare?

My skin was telling me a story that it needed care and nourishment but I was too busy to notice all that. When I noticed the raw outburst from my skin it was a bit late and I was crying over each and every acne or the acne marks that were increasingly sprouting on my face.

I went on a shopping spree for face creams and packs immediately and half were helping others were not but in midst of all the chaos unleashed finally my skin became less angry and we both decided to make truce in this situation.

Here’s what I started to make my skin happy:

My own Skin Care Regime:

Clean Hands:

No matter what you do don’t touch your face directly with unwashed hands or used tissues or hand towels. They’re the downfall we never notice. They harbor bacteria and commensals which leads to acne and in turn bad skin.

Wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizer.

Use dry or wet tissues to dab the face and throw them.

Don’t use old used hand towel for the face.

Wash face regularly:

Remove makeup & wash face regularly. Before applying anything. You could use the scrub on alternate days if you do not have time for it daily. My favorite face wash are:

  • VLCC Charcoal face wash
  • MCaffeine face wash
  • Neutrogena anti acne face wash
  • O3+ brightening & whitening Face Wash
Glowing Skin's Secret
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Scrub and Pack:

Try and apply pack after scrubbing every alternate day or once a week at least. You could use homemade face pack or other face packs.

  • MCaffeine Naked and Raw coffee face scrub
  • VLCC charcoal face wash & Pack
  • Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask
  • Biotique Bio-myristica ati acne pack

Apply serum/moisturizer after pack.

It helps in skin regeneration and it’s a must.

  • Elizabeth Arden: ceramide capsules
  • Estee Lauder Night repair serum
  • Olay anti agening serum
  • O3 + agelock vitamin C booster Serum

I came across a very good pack which suits my skin amazingly.

Biotique Bio Myristica:

100% Ayurvedic pack for spot correcting & anti-acne.

It has to be applied on cleansed skin on affected areas, it’s mentioned morning and evening till the acne recedes. And believe me, my skin cleared a lot with it.


  • It’s cheap just 199/- on Nyyka
  • It’s ayurvedic
  • Its smell is not too pungent but slightly sharp.
  • Ingredients: Haldi root, Multani Mitti, Sandal oil, Geru Powder, keekar gond it’s herbal.


  • It’s a small quantity, just 20 gm/0.70 oz
  • It’s only for oily, acne prone skin.
  • Feels slightly tingly when applied.

I hope you’d like my skincare regime and pack too, feel free to try it.

Make a routine to incude them in your daily face care therapy and you’d be glowing and dazelling in no time at all.

Keep Glowing.

1 thought on “Glowing Skin’s Secret”

  1. Aah! Tell me about acne and outbursts!! You know, the thing with me is that the more I do skin-care, the more my skin doesnt care. LOL 😀
    Biotique Bio Myristica looks good, will definitely try it out.

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