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Happy Feet: My Foot Care Regime

Happy Feet

Foot care regime that I Follow:

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Foot care should be an essential part of the daily routine for everyone. Every footwear looks amazing with beautifully kept feet so we all should do justice to our feet and take care of it totally. How should we proceed with our daily foot care?

Wash feet daily before sleeping:

Wash your feet daily after commencing your daily activities or before getting into bed. Just like face our feet also shows our dedication and care we take of our body.

Moisturize Feet:

Daily use either a deep moisturizer or foot crème after washing the feet. If possible then once a week put hot towel after deep moisturization so that feet become soft and even dead skin could easily be exfoliated and it’s de-stressing therapy to its core.

Remove nail paint:

Never leave nail paint on nails for more than 2 days and especially dark-colored nail paints. After removing nail paint with remover apply light oil on nails for strengthening them and giving it a bit of shine too.

Take breaks from applying nail paints once in a while or alternate the nail paints with light and dark shades.

Use scrubs and exfoliators:

Use scrub and exfoliators once a week at least if you have time then apply pack too. In this heat, the de-tanning pack would be ideal but even deep moisturizing packs are good.

Soak feet in water:

Besides being relaxing it also keep the feet clean. You could use Aroma Salts, Peroxide, Lemon etc for better results.

Few Tips:

  • Try to protect the feet from direct sun and dirt.
  • Don’t wear closed shoes for a longer duration. Take them off in between.
  • Don’t use open sandals or closed shoes for long. Keep alternating them.
  • Don’t use harsh nail paint remover use oil based acetone free nail paints.
Happy Feet
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If I’ve left a few points then feel free to update my list.

Take care

Keep Happy Feet.

8 thoughts on “Happy Feet: My Foot Care Regime”

  1. Loved all the tips. Simple yet important. You are right, any footwear looks good when the feet are beautiful. With these, I don’t think anyone has to spend a lot of money on Pedicure 🙂

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