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7 Tips to Grow a Relationship?

7 Tips to Grow a Relationship?

Relationships are important they need a lot of love, devotion, nurturing and time to develop but all it takes is few wrong steps to break it. When we are into a healthy relationship, your perception of world changes. Troubles doesn’t become easier or better you just have someone to walk the world with you so you face the troubles with them.

What are the things that makes relationship better?

Is it gifts? Or hugs? Or ring?

It’s not the big things but small gestures to show love that matters..


First and foremost is a connection if you don’t share a connection then a very important part is missing in your relationship. It’s often thought that connection is more if you talk, but a connection is not equivalent to hours of talking and togetherness. It’s more of understanding of the person that makes the connection strong.

Make Time:

We only get 24 hours in a day so we’ve to make active efforts to include another person in our life so if you want your better half to matter then “MakeTime”.

Spending quality time like doing fun activities together rather than scrolling on the phone while sitting together for endless hours matters the most. 

Spend Quality Time together than Quantity Time

Small Meaningful Gestures:

Don’t be there for a shopping spree but be there when our car breaks down. Small gestures to show that you care matters the most.

Not getting roses for us but greeting with a kiss on the forehead- Ah!! A girl can only dream for such affection.

Exchange Messages:

That doesn’t mean that you’ll be glued to your phone but just a few pings here and there. Greet each other “Good Morning” or “Hi” it’s just a way of showing that you thought of them.

At times even poems doesn’t express as well as a simple “Missing You” would express. So be vocal & express your feelings.

Be In Touch.

Never Sleep Angry:

Don’t delay the argument because it’ll never get better till you discuss it out. So never sleep over an argument just settle it.

Never Lie:

No matter how ugly or difficult the Truth is always try and be honest. You could never built a relationship on Lie.

Last, but not the least

Forgive and Forget:

If you think you can forgive it then you should forgive and forget it. But somehow if you’re not able to move ahead and forgive him/her then your relationship might not be sustainable.

Think what all you could live with or without before proceeding in a Relationship. It’s very Important.

That’s all for now from my side.

I hope my post gives you an insight in your relationship.

Be Happy

7 Tips to Grow a Relationship
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13 thoughts on “7 Tips to Grow a Relationship?”

  1. I personally believe every conflict can have a solution through talks. One point you can add is communicate. It is the key. Nice list.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  2. This is a perfect list. i personally feel never sleep angry and forgive and forget are the biggest pillars of a successful relationship!

  3. I do believe in forgive and forget. No point dragging silly things. Second point i hv liked is never sleep angry. Live and let live peacefully is my mantra

  4. Forgive and forget is the most important part as most of the relationships end due to ego problems..let go things and stay happy..

  5. Marriages teaches us a lot. And one thing I learned from this very ‘special relationship’ is ‘You give some you get some’. . . Small gestures goes a long way in setting the foundation. Lovely read Richa

  6. Communication is the glue that holds any relationship together. Peppered with caring gestures and all the beautiful points you have listed out, it fosters and strengthens bonds. Enjoyed the read.


  7. Wow, that i one good post on improving relationship after a long time. beautifully explained. Read it twice in fact.. 🙂

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