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Miss You Already 2018

Welcome 2019

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As the new year, 2019 is approaching it’s time for summarizing my year 2018. Things I did, things I’ll do, resolutions I’m planning to make. In total it was just one fine year 2018.

As my 2018 is almost at it’s end I’m happy that it’s over and apprehension for the new approaching year because I don’t know what it has in store for me.

Miss you already 2018

What I’m sad about my year 2018:

  • I lost my Grandfather who was very close to me this year.
  • My closest friend moved to Oman this year.
  • I’m still struggling to make my name.
  • I’m in the middle of 2 books with a writer’s block that I can’t overcome.
  • I broke my leg once this year.
  • I got electrocuted by a pole and survived.
  • I couldn’t collect enough money to change my car…
  • Made a few bad decisions.
# Little Finger

These things happened but this year brought many joyous occasions for me too.

Completed Super Blogger’s Challenge 2018

Best of 2018:

  • I started a new job this year
  • I moved to a new place, met new people, made new friends
  • Shifted close to my hometown and family
  • Enjoyed Euro-Trip
  • Saw some really great movies  
  • Started my own blog- Living herself
  • Maintained the same weight (I didn’t lose it but on the other hand I didn’t gain any)
  • Earned first ever 3000/- from my Blog
  • Became hell lot more tech-savvy than before.
  • Got saved from a fraud.
  • Purchased new phone- 1 plus 5T

I want to do something this year, I won’t call them resolutions but I’m calling them 2019 Duty because resolutions could easily be broken but duty is moto of my life.

My To Do 2019 Duties:

  • Complete my books
  • Professionally improve
  • Lose 10 Kg
  • Start healthy routine
  • Improve myself
  • Learn a sport/dance like salsa
  • Buy new car
  • Visit a new country (place undecided)
Buy a New Car

Awaited things in 2019:

  • Avenger’s End Game
  • watch Snowfall
  • Revisiting Srinagar
  • Hopefully my published books.

With this I’m closing my year 2018 and keeping my fingers crossed for 2019.

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Happy new year to all

I’ll miss you already 2018…

15 thoughts on “Miss You Already 2018”

  1. Those were quite impressive 2018 milestonew. I am sure 2019 will be equally wonderful for you.

  2. Life is a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs..wish u all the best for 2019 and may u achieve success and happiness in this new year.

  3. Every year has so much to cherish…2018 was a great year for me too…
    I did good progress with my second book.
    Staying focused is all that matters.
    Happy new year to u😊

  4. I never thought of doting down such good and bad memories of a year also what I plan to do in this year . Such a lovely way u introduced me to . I love the fact how you overcame all the bad things and are looking forward to the new year . All the very neat with the bucket list 😊

  5. Every year has a mixed bag of emotions and so it was for you. But I would love to read your books, so you ought to move over the block and finish them in 2019. All the best.

  6. That’s a great list you have there. Each year end reminds us of a few hits and a misses while the beginning gives fresh hope. I hope you get to complete the books and revisit Srinagar. Happy new Year.

  7. Every coin has two sides and you had some great achievements in 2018. Wish you all the best for a rocking year ahead!

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